Review of Teacher Championship

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTeacher Championship – 21.5 mins

From your humble producer: I’ve had these two videos in my files for a long time, not sure if our fans will like them. Yes, it’s true … I tend to over think things sometimes, ha ha. But while this is a very specialized custom series, I’m sure some fans will enjoy the premise. Two teachers battle it out in two separate matches for the school championship. One is a veteran teacher (Julie) and the other is a tough younger teacher (Suzanne). Here’s the premise: The camera serves as a conduit to get the message out to the entire school to show who the baddest teacher is. As a result, the teachers interact with the camera because they know the entire school will see it. Miss Winchester is the current champion who is kind, confident, and sexy. Miss Granger is her challenger who has left a wake of teachers unconscious at her feet and plans to defeat the older teacher. The match goes back and forth but in the end Miss Granger plays dirty and destroys Miss Winchester, finishing her off with what she calls her “Detention”. In the second match Miss Winchester returns to plead for a rematch because she was so severely beaten in their last meeting. The evil Miss Granger makes her a deal: If she wins, Miss Winchester must retire from teaching and NEVER return! The fight begins ….. and we’ll let you have fun watching what happens!

Not a bad two for one deal here, a double squash in my opinion, as Julie really doesn’t get that much offense in for either match. I also like this instant rematch aspect of this release as well. I don’t really see why Rick would question releasing this vid though. I mean it’s just different outfits and not the usual young talent we may be used to see do battle, but other that, it’s just a good fight and a pretty good beatdown too. Julie definitely gets to show off her veteran jobbing skills in both matches. Suzanne on the other hand does very little jobbing, showing off her dominate side, which we all got to see plenty of in her short stay at FWR, as she never lost a match. So in my opinion this is a veteran battle in miniskirts and pantyhose, which just happens to go pretty one sided, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Overall Score: 8.5/10