Review of Tasha Simone & Kathy Owens vs Sumiko Revenge Bid Backfires!

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Review of Women’s Mat WrestlingTasha Simone & Kathy Owens vs Sumiko Revenge Bid Backfires! – 20 mins

Sumiko has been getting her ass beat by Kathy Owens a LOT over time, and she’s gotten tired of it! Thus in “Revenge Bid Backfires”, she enlists the help of one Tasha Simone to kick her ass for her since she can’t! Unfortunately, as you can probably guess… this plan blows up in her face, when after a little bit of wrestling her, Tasha… whom Sumiko also has a little bit of history with having been KO’d by her twice in a previous lift & carry video for our Classy Broads store titled “Sumiko’s Strength Test”, turns against her and joins forces with Kathy to destroy her, going so far as to strip her down to her bikini along the way! And like in that aforementioned video, poor Sumiko is KO’d again here as well, and a LOT more than just twice this time! She’ll have to look elsewhere for an ally against Kathy, as Tasha clearly wasn’t the right choice! Brutal 2 on 1 destruction! If you enjoy petite girls like Sumiko getting annihilated and knocked out repeatedly, this is a matchup you will LOVE!

There is one thing I will never ever get tired of seeing and that is Sumiko playing the jobber. The worse her odds, the worse of a beat down, the better me, the better for us. And when our poor little Sumiko is up against two power houses, you know we’re in for a great show. What’s even better is Tasha and Kathy even go as far as to play a joke on Sumiko, letting her think that they were going to fight, with Tasha representing Sumiko. Only to soon reveal that they were in cahoots the whole time. They then team up and rip Sumiko to shreds, stripping her clothes off, knocking her out again and again with both tag team moves and solo moves to the point that Sumiko can no longer wake up and they just leave her beaten and fooled again. I really love seeing these kind of things happen to Sumiko, but there’s a problem, as always with these Kathy Owens/Classy Broads vids, the action is great, but the camera work is criminal. That camera person is bound to the corner of the ring and never, ever moves in or even moves around to another corner. So, there’s no close ups, no visible eye rolling (or facial expressions for that matter), nothing to really put this amazing squash over. They make a note to let us know that this video is shot in 4k, well it can be shot in 10k, none of that matters when your camera work is nonexistent. We get more close ups, more different angles from Kayla Obey and she does all that on her own. Meaning she actually gets up, moves that camera and lays back in the same position, just to provide us with a better look. That how important camera work should be and why I feel it is criminal that this person stands in the corner like a human tripod (not in the good way) and never gives us a close up. So overall, was this a great handicapped match, where the amazing Sumiko was completely fooled and then devastated by two excellent heels that did it in an awesome and brutal way? Yes! But, does all of that get basically flushed when talent performing alone can provide you with better camera work? In my opinion yes. Move the camera, you are ruining vids that should be instant classics. We should lock you up for that.

Overall Score: 8/10