Review of Tani vs Renee: Rookies in the Ring

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTani vs Renee: Rookies in the Ring – 10.5 mins

We want to welcome two new female fighters to FWR. One has a rather innocent rookie look while the other is a bit tougher looking. We’ll let you decide which one is which as we place them in the ring to wrestle in a three round match! Dressed in sexy pro wrestling outfits these beauties put each other through the paces with Tani winning round one using a headlock, rope choke, side head scissor, and sleeper hold knockout with a leghook pin. Renee comes back to overpower Tani in round two with a hammerlock, snap mare, knee choke, camel clutch, and a cross arm choke knockout with a schoolgirl pin. But alas, Renee can’t continue her dominance in round three as Tani gives her a boot choke in the corner, snap mare, body scissors, head scissors, and a final figure four scissor knockout with a reverse matchbook pin. We’re excited to welcome Tani and Renee to FWR!!

It’s not too hard to figure out which one of these two Rick felt was the more innocent looking one as Renee is dressed in all pink, a personal favorite color of mine to dress jobbers in, and I think Rick was spot on. Renee has the slight looks advantage, in my opinion, and I was glad to see her all pretty in pink and come out one the losing side of her first match. Tani is definitely not someone to look pass though, she does have a bit of meaner/cockier face, but is also super pretty with a body to match and the all black heel role I think was also the correct first step for her. It does seem to me that this was the first time for both ladies doing anything like this, so as expected, everything wasn’t as quick and smooth like we get from the veteran girls, but there was a good mix of moves, I think they both reacted really well to all the holds for their first time out and it has to be mentioned again just how great both these ladies look. I can already see some great things to come from Renee as a jobber, she got the look and she had some good expressions, once she gets more relaxed and comfortable she could really be a great seller. As for Tani, the heel role fits right now, but I look forward to seeing her do some more losing in the near future. Welcome to FWR Renee and Tani, this was a good first impression for me and I forward to seeing some awesome videos from you girls soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10