Review of Taking Notes

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTaking Notes – 12 mins

We’ve been happy to have new female wrestlers joining us here at FWR but we know that if they get too beat up in their first match they might not stick around. So, we caught up with Kat in the dressing room before her match against new girl Scarlett and asked her to take it easy on the woman. Kat pretended to agree to go easy on her but as soon as the match started it was evident that she had no intention of being nice! The girls locked up and Kat said, “I hope you’re taking notes, sweetie!” then attacked with a head lock, head smash in the turnbuckle, corner body splash, boot choke, snap mare, camel clutch, choke on the ropes, a side head scissor, and a final reverse scissor hold to knock the rookie out! When Kat woke her up for more destruction Scarlett suddenly attacked and proved to Kat the she had indeed been taking notes! The lovely new beauty proceeded to put Kat through the exact same list of holds with the final scissor knockout. But Scarlett wasn’t happy with a draw and finished Kat with a beautiful sleeper hold! Please welcome SCARLETT!!

Taking it back to last update, because I wanted to cover this video here, where Scarlett was officially introduced to us. In a good way, this reminds me of an anything goes match, the outfits, the comeback story, a couple of KOs. Scarlett has a great look, she’s curvy, she’s a good size for the heel or jobber role and like the other new FWR addition, Renee, Scarlett also has a super cute face. A face that is already one of her best assets when I comes to her selling. Of course, she’s new and her selling isn’t stellar yet, but she makes a good first impression here and I definitely look forward to watching as she gets comfortable and her selling starts to really take off. Kat on the other had been around for a while now and is comfortable, therefore her selling is really good. I’m not sure if it’s just that I haven’t seen Kat play the jobber in a while or maybe she truly did sell better then I excepted, nonetheless, she put on a good show for us. I like the idea of Scarlett doing all the moves right back to Kat, in a kind of a, anything you can do I can do better way and that last sleeper that left Kat KO’d and spread eagle was a beautiful end to this introductory video for Scarlett.

Overall Score: 8.5/10