Review of Take Her Out

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Review of Fetishlands Fight NightTake Her Out – 10 mins

Boxing badass Misty is here to take you on in a POV boxing match. She seems pretty confident that she’ll be able to bring you down. She begins swinging, giving and taking some hits. You land a few here and there. She bounces back quickly and playfully taunts you in between hits and misses. This goes on for a while when you finally land the winning shot, making her dizzy and knocking her . Better luck next time, Misty. You win!

I’ve been in a POV boxing mood lately and I’ve had this Misty boxing vid on my “to do” list for a little while and now felt like a good time to finally review this one. One of the things I really love about Misty, is that she is naturally silly, whether she means to or not, more often than not, I find myself laughing at her mannerisms or something she says. This time it’s the way she’s bouncing around and talking trash. To me it came off more funny than anything else, which is still a good thing. In this boxing match most of the action is Misty winning, with a little POV offense sprinkled in. Even though, the POV punches where much more effective, so there are a couple of knock downs before the final KO. The things I’d change about this one, if I was in total control, is first, the camera swings a little too much in reaction to taking punching and throwing them, so Misty is off cam for a little longer, sometimes missing reactions because of it. Then I’d like maybe just a little more offense from the POV especially near the end, because it seemed to only take a few punches to put Misty down for the count. Overall, it was an easily enjoyable video, Misty is a total pleasure to watch and I am just loving POV boxing vids.

Overall Score: 8.5/10