Review of Sleeperkid’s World TAKAIJI THE TERMINATOR 2 – 36 Mins

sumikoDetermined to become the best fighter in the world, the lovely Sumiko designs a sparring fembot (played by 6’4 Takaiji) whose sole purpose is to hone her already formidable skills!   She sets the fembot to low and goes for an attack, but the fembot forces to her knees with a single handed test of strength.  Sumiko commands her to let her go, which prompts the Little Dragon to set the difficulty even lower.  She tries again, going for a piggyback sleeper.  The cyborg is STILL too strong… and proceeds to SLAM Sumiko into the wall.  Sumiko crumbles to the mats and crushes the robot’s control unit, setting it to the highest difficulty and damaging it’s safeguards! Sumiko’s eyes grow wide in terror as Takaiji the TERMINATOR attacks, destroying her for over 30 minutes straight in one of the most one-sided thrashings SKW has EVER produced!   In the end, Sumiko is left a quivering, drooling mess as the robot finally runs out of power… and mercifully shuts down!

When SK says something like “the most one-sided thrashings SKW has EVER produced!” I’m normally really quick to point out some of the ragdolls and other crazy one-sided vids he’s done, but this time, this is one of the most one-sided thrashings they have ever done. Sumiko is literally crushed and demolished for over 30 mins by the out of control fembot Takaiji. I really love this story idea, I think Takaiji makes an excellent destructive fembot and what a perfect way to end this video, having Takaiji batteries run out. Sumiko is on her A game her too, which, I mean she really always is, but even for Sumiko’s expected standards, this is top notch. Lots of great power moves and amazing reactions, with plenty of all the over the top stuff I love. This is one you guys cannot miss, with a ton of great KOs, very good camera angles, a fun and creative story and flawless performances from both Sumiko and Takaiji make this a must see for all us crazy one-sided destruction fans.

Overall Score: 10/10