Review of Tag Team Turnaround

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTag Team Turnaround – 17 mins

We join Madison and Kat in the ring as they practice wrestling holds. Kat needs Madison’s help because she’s been losing a lot of matches lately. Becca enters in her street clothes and begins mocking Kat for letting Madison train her. The blond challenges the two girls to a tag team match and heads off to find a partner. When she returns, dressed in her wrestling gear, Becca has to wrestle Kat and Madison by herself until her friend arrives. Poor Becca soon gets double teamed and is nearly pinned when Peyton rushes into the ring and attacks the cheating tag team and saving Becca! Madison decides that she can take on the girls and insinuates that Kat isn’t ready but she can join her. The full match begins and it’s evident that Madison doesn’t want Kat involved but when things get out of hand Kat rushes into the ring and savagely attacks Becca and Peyton. The girls scramble out of the ring and decide to quit until Kat suddenly attacks Madison and tells the other girls that Becca was right, Kat shouldn’t have asked Madison to train her. In the end we have Kat, Becca, and Peyton all teaming up to destroy Madison and leave her laid out in the ring!

What a fun, action packed video this is, and the story that comes with it is really great too. We get a lot of different situations jammed in to this vid, starting with the two on one, where Becca is getting a beatdown while she waits for Peyton to arrive, then once Peyton is there, she clears house and a tag team battle begins with both teams having a little success and finally, the dagger in back of Madison that leads to a three on one total domination and Kat joins Becca and Peyton to tear Madison apart. I do disagree with Kat’s betrayal, not only did Madison hold her own in the match up, for the most part, but also Madison claiming the Kat wasn’t ready could have also been an innocent claim, I mean if they were training together, she would know. No matter how much I agree or disagree with Kat’s back stabbing, I did love the three on one action as they take part in some brutal submission hold that soon enough cause a KO and then they all do a pin and victory pose over the spread eagle Madison and leaving her laid out in the middle of the ring, nothing not to love about that. And I love that everyone is wearing bikinis and boots. Overall, this was some excellent pro style action, with a great story that ends with an even greater beatdown, on a great jobber.

Overall Score: 9.5/10