Review of Tag Team Match

Review of DefeatedTag Team Match – 18 Mins

A tag team match, Eden & Nina Vs Stella & Tracy. The rules are simple, KO both members of one team to win. The match starts out back and forth as the wrestlers tag in and out. Tracy gets trapped in a few different hold and is unable to tag Stella. Once Tracy is able to make the tag Stella dominates, first knocking out Eden, then Tracy and Stella double team Nina with a tight scissors knocking her out and earning the win for the team.

Some tag team action from Defeated for you guys here. This one is a little bit dated, but I was asked to review it and since I missed this one when it was released, it works out well. It’s not too often that we get a 2 on 2 tag match that actually has tagging in and out in it. Now it’s shot in a small room so their partners aren’t far away so the tags aren’t too hard to make, but it’s still cool to see. The beginning of the match is pretty back and forth, we get to see everybody get locked in a hold of two before they tag out. Tracy gets tortured by Nina for a little while, her hands are trapped, so no matter how much Stella begs her for a tag there’s nothing she can do. That’s a highlight of the vid because Stella is just yelling at her trying to get tagged in. Then when Stella does get tagged in, she dominates almost fully, taking out Eden with headscissors then both Tracy and Stella KO Nina together. It’s not a very complex vid, there’s not a ton of moves but it’s well done and a lot fun. Also Stella dominates for once, that’s a little weird for me to see, lol.

Overall Score: 9/10