Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTAELER HENDRIX vs SAYA SAVAGE – 16 mins

In this brutal one-sided match up, we witness Saya getting things started with a cheap-shot set of clotheslines, followed by a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver KO. She happily goes for the pin, but Taeler kicks out. Frustrated, Saya goes for another piledriver, but Taeler nails a brutal belly kick and stops Saya’s momentum cold. What follows is an intense squash, with the rage-fueled Taeler taking her anger out on the now dazed and frightened Saya. Using Saya’s suit to drag her around, KO her, and make her scream submissions, all culminating to a final pedigree KO.

Saya thought she had a quick and easy win here, but instead all she got was a massive beatdown, from Taeler. Saya is an awesome jobber, really selling her destruction extremely well. Taeler pulls on Saya suit a lot to control her, Saya’s suit is a little loose fitting, making it easy to grab hold of. I don’t think I anyone has done that as much as Taeler did and I think it pretty cool to see. There was a part where Taeler it trying to set Saya up for a piledriver, but Saya is too weak and keeps collapsing back to the ground. Taeler keeps yanking at Saya’s suit to pull her back up, only to have her fall again. I really enjoyed that, something that emphasizes how out of it Saya was and how much Taeler loves to use Saya’s suit to pull her around. Also a great pain KO from an abdominal stretch. Overall, love this one from start to finish, lots of great moves, plenty for KOs, this one adds a little gimmick to your standard squash match and great performance for both Saya and Taeler Hendrix.

Overall Score: 9/10