Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPERS BEING SILLY – 14 Mins

LunaAfter weeks of saving lives, superheroines Luna and Lila Adare decide to challenge each other to a series of “silly” knockouts, each one leaving both girls sleeping it off until the next round hits!!  The emphasis is on cartoon-like scenarios, with the girls seeing “birdies”, “stars”, etc as their eyes roll and cross.  It’s a light-hearted activity that leads to multiple KOs… and a sure-fire way to kill boredom!

Super Silly Supers, that’s what this should be called. The only thing I didn’t love about this one is the Supergirl suits. There are variations of the Supergirl custom I really like, these two just aren’t them. Other than that, this vid is fantastic. Luna and Lila really nail the silly KOs idea, lots of goofy faces and eyerolling, even the scenes themselves are just funny before the KOs actually happen. This is one of those vids where it just feels like everyone is just having a great time just screwing around, which really comes through in the acting and selling making this video a lot of fun to watch. I love the KO techniques, the frying pan being one of my all-time favorites. I would have loved some superpower usage, because why have superheroines if you’re not going to use superpowers? Anyway, we get lots of very silly KOs, from two awesome girls, who really get the silly KO idea and sell it great. They happen to be dressed in two of my least favorite variations of the Supergirl costume, but that’s ok, this vid is still great to watch.

Overall Score: 9/10


  • This one was a great disappointment to me . Like you , the costumes left me cold , ( and wondering why they couldn’t film this video with the girls wearing casual street clothes ) , but my main complaint was the lack of tongue protrusion . If you’re filming a silly knockout video , and it’s being sold as such , then, in my opinion , tongue out reactions should be a natural part of the script . Bottom line , I ordered it , watched it , and deleted it knowing I’d never watch it again . Too bad , really …. I loved the idea , but didn’t care for the result .

    • OMG

      As the custom orderer… tongue protrusion is disgusting. But to each their own. I’ll do things the way I like. I don’t consider it silly, I consider it weird and gross. And SK offered the costumes and I took it.

      I mean no offense, obviously the whole thing about all this is there is no rules and everybody likes it different. Some would prefer feet, some would prefer nude… I’d prefer neither.

      • As the person who put in the order , it would be foolish of you if you didn’t’ do things as you like ‘ . You’re acting as though you’re being taken to task for not giving any consideration to what a total , and non-paying , stranger would want to see . When a custom video of mine is reviewed , and several have , please , by all means , feel free to be disgusted .

        • McChurl is right, as the one who orders the custom, you better order what you want to see and he’s also saying we don’t have to love it. But don’t be offended if we don’t love it as much as you do. As long a you’re happy with your custom, then SK or whoever did their job right and that’s all that matters. This site is all about opinions and there is no way that we can all share the same opinion and that’s OK, it just more fun to hear from the other sides. Also its good for the producers to see as much from their fans as possible, so they can do their jobs better. So, to quote McChurl, “please, by all means, feel free to be disgusted” when my customs come through, because a love tongue protrusion and there will be a lot of it.

          • OMG

            It just seemed like he was saying it’s not a silly ko without tongues which i disagree with a lot. I definitely don’t care if you guys like it and order it it just is something i look away from when it happens 🙂 Sleeperkid would have mentioned it if it happened, I’m sorry McChurl was let down.

  • The only problem I had with this video was the camera work. It seemed to me that the camera was constantly swinging back and forth between the two women, as if it couldn’t decide which to focus on, or as if in a hurry to move to the next shot. Maybe that was part of the “silly” intent, to induce vertigo? I would have preferred it to just concentrated on the woman being KO’d at the moment and postpone the reaction shots a moment. But maybe that’s just me.

    The mouse was cute. Was that part of the custom request?

    (Aside: I’m not a fan of tongues sticking out, either; When I see protruding tongues in thumbnails, I usually skip the purchase. But to each his own.)

    • OMG

      Well part of why I dislike the tongue out thing is because it implies they aren’t saying things like “i’m seeing stars.” Usually they make like “silly” sounds if their tongue is out and I just dont go for that. I like the sighing, moaning, or silly talk. and the tongues feel almost too cartoony, like not that any of this is realistic, but it seems TOO cartoony for a tongue to fall out haha ANd again, I’m very different from others which is why I end up having to order customs everywhere.

  • The good think is, there is room for all of us. There is definitely no reason to feel forced into something you’re not into, that’s not how this whole time works. I love hearing all of your opinions, even if one of my favorite details absolutely disgusts you. So please voice your opinion and likes as there is more then enough room for all of us to get what we love.

    • OMG

      tongues and drool disgust me cuz im grossed out by bodily fluids as well. it’s really not meant as an insult to you, sorry!

      • In all honesty , OMG , if I had known this video was created as a custom order , it’s very likely I would have kept my opinions to myself . I still feel the way I felt about it when I posted my original remarks a few days ago , but there’s another element I should mention , because it’s even more important than what I prefer to see in a silly k.o. video … And , it’s this … People who go to the trouble and EXPENSE of ordering a custom video must be happy with the final product . Everyone else is just tagging along for a so – called free ride . As a consumer that has ordered customs from various producers only to suffer the disappointment and frustration of having my instructions go ignored , I know how important it is to get what you want and be happy with it . And , luckily for us , there are reputable and reliable producers out there that are fully capable of keeping us all satisfied .

        • that’s right. as long a you feel your money was well spent, then in all reality, everything is all good.