Review of Superior Girl

Review of DefeatedSuperior Girl – 92 mins

Superior Girl has been sent to earth to become a superheroine, expecting that she will be the strongest being on earth. However, it turns out that she is actually the weakest being on earth. Superior Girl had no idea of this “detail”, and finds out the hard way when she confronts Evil Woman during one of her world threating speeches. Things go really bad for Superior Girl the moment she tries to attack Evil Woman. She nearly breaks her own hand with her first punch, while Evil Woman isn’t at all effected. It only gets worse from Superior Girl from here. Evil Woman strips Superior Girl of her costume and kisses all over her body, before choking her out with a one handed throat lift. Once Superior Girl is completely defeated and humiliated, Evil Woman poses Superior Girl in front of her and goes back the her speech to the leaders of the world. But luckily, Superior Girl intervention allowed the good guys to gain time, and Evil Woman is completely taken down from a gunshot. What happens next, is that Superior Girl is brought in a secret organization’s lab, where a strange doctor, Doctor Valerie, make some scientific experiments on her weak body. Doctor Valerie’s duty is to scientifically study her alien form. However, the much Doctor Valerie examines Superior Girl’s body, the more she feels the compulsion of taking advantage of the subject weak body. Throughout the exams, Superior Girls passes out several times, being knocked out from simple tasks. While she is out, Doctor Valerie fondles and caresses her limp body. In a clear headed moment, Superior Girl eventually gets angry from Doctor Valerie’s behavior, and persuades her to set her free. So, Doctor Valerie listens to Superior Girl’s words, and decides to help her escaping. They leave the lab, hiding in a new lair. After a while hiding in the lair, trying to avoid Doctor Valerie’s former organization, the two girls become more intimate. Doctor Valerie still feel the urge of dominating, humiliating and playing with Superior Girl’s limp body. She can’t help herself, but if at the beginning Superior Girl was not accepting what Doctor Valerie did to her, then, later on, she started to forgive her, telling her that what she was doing was not her fault. So, feeling forgiven from Superior Girl, Doctor Valerie decides to join her, being her new sidekick, fighting evil and injustice. She also takes a new name, Oracle. Occasionally Oracle gets out from their lair. She is not aware that she has been followed by Madam Mad-Scientist. Madam Mad-Scientist wants to take Oracle back to her secret lab to perform experiments on her. She knocks out Oracle by smothering her, and then she captures her. Then, once in her lab, Madam Mad-Scientist calls Superior Girls and tells her that is going to kill Oracle, unless she will come to her lair. Madam Mad-Scientist is very confident of her position, as she had seen Superior Girl’s previous attempt to take down Evil Woman: it’s just a matter of time, and both girls will be hers. So, she keeps dominating and conducting experiments on Oracle, until Superior Girl shows up. With Oracle unconscious, it’s easy for Madam Mad-Scientist to have full control of the situation. Never be so confident, though. Oracle wakes up just in time, sneaks up behind Madam Mad-Scientist. Oracle then finds a way to hit Madam Mad-Scientist hard enough to knock her out. It looks like evil is once more Defeated… for the moment.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this one has got to be one of the biggest and longest videos in Defeated history, not only that, this is the ongoing story of the amazing, but maybe not amazing in the way she hoped, Superior Girl. Now, I covered the first part of the massive video in a previous review, so you guys can find greater details on that part HERE. It’s a really great section of this video and Elizabeth is just outstanding as Evil Woman. The next part and the greater part of the video and has lots of lots of limp play. Poor Superior Girl is knocked out for almost of this as Doctor Valerie has her way with the limp superheroine. After that Doctor Valerie then runs some tests on Superior Girl to see just how weak she really is, a lot of these tests are pretty funny to me as Valerie uses light weights, tiny stings and of course her own strength to hold down or restrain Superior Girl.  The whole time Doctor Valerie is for some reason falling in love with Superior girl which leads to the doc making an illogical choice, choosing to become Superior Girl’s partner. Valerie stops experimenting on Superior Girl, dresses the once again out cold superheroine in her costume, changes her name to Oracle and the carries the lime heroine away. This triggers the final and in my opinion the greatest part of this video. In a grand finale, Oracle and Superior Girl take on a new villain, Madam Mad-Scientist. Again, the outfits here are top tier and Meryl is an awesome villain. The scientist easily captures Superior Girl and uses her to create an injection that makes people just as weak as Superior girl, of course Oracle is the first to get injected with this. Madam Mad-Scientist beats up both Superior Girl and Oracle with some great OTT wrestling action. Unfortunately for Madam Mad-Scientist the numbers game gets the best of her and the two super weak superheroines manage to come out on top of this fight. This is a crazy awesome, crazy sexy superheroine video. It has two high action sections that sandwich a slower and sexier limp play middle section and together it tells a pretty cool story overall. Lilith being a super weak superheroine is an awesome idea and I think there is so much you can do with this idea. And all the outfits in this video is amazing, very very great outfits for all the characters. I think fans of superheroine vids will love all the sections and the wrestling fans would really love the first and last sections.

Overall Score: 9.5/10