Review of Superior Girl Vs Evil Woman

Review of DefeatedSuperior Girl Vs Evil Woman – 15 mins

Superior Girl has been sent to earth to become a superheroine, expecting that she will be the strongest being on earth. Except it turns out that she is actually the weakest being on earth, Superior Girl had no idea and finds out the hard way when she confronts Evil Woman during one of her world threating speeches. Things go really bad for Superior Girl the moment she tries to attack Evil Woman. She nearly breaks her own hand with her first punch, while Evil Woman isn’t at all effected. It only gets worse from Superior Girl from here. Once Evil Woman has finished laughing at the pitiful attack attempt from Superior Girl, Evil Woman KOs her with a single backhand slap. Evil Woman then opens her top and plays with Superior Girl exposed breasts, kissing and biting at her nipples. Evil Woman goes back to threatening the planet while Superior Girl recovers, hops up and challenges Evil Woman again. Evil Woman strips Superior Girl of her costume and kisses all over her body, before choking her out with a one handed throat lift. She then continues to kiss, and lick all over Superior Girl body before choking her more. Once Superior Girl is completely defeated and humiliated, Evil Woman poses Superior Girl in front of her and goes back the her speech to the leaders of the world. When out of know where a man with a gun runs up and guns down Evil Woman, saving the world.

More Defeated action for you guy and this time Defeated has super powers, or lack thereof. Lilith is supposed to be a superheroine, but after a pretty awesome intro scene, we find out that Lilith not only has no powers, but is actually the weakest person on the planet. Of course that works great for Elizabeth who is playing Evil Woman. And that’s her name too… lol… Elizabeth doesn’t have a cool evil sounding name like most super villains, nope, she just cuts to the point and calls herself Evil Woman… man that is so funny to me. Anyway, Evil Woman easily destroys the weakest person on the planet, knocking her out a few times, stripping her out so her costume, biting her, licking her, just having an overall good time with poor Lilith, who thought she was going to be super powered. Also, speaking of stripping, Defeated did a really great job with their customs, both Elizabeth and Lilith look absolutely amazing. So, just when you thing Elizabeth is going to have a flawless victory over Lilith, a gun pops up POV style and guns down Elizabeth and of course Elizabeth sells it so over dramatic, it’s lovely. I can’t remember any Defeated superheroine video before this one and again I have to say they did a hell of a job on their first try. I loved Lilith thinking she was going to be super strong, only to find out she’s super weak, the hard way, Elizabeth just being an evil woman and of course these outfits where amazing. Just another example of the impressive possibilities of Defeated.

Overall Score: 9/10