Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPERHEROINE vs PRO 2 – 21 Mins

AlisaRay Lyn starts off this amazing release by bragging on all the SKW girls she’s defeated, and issuing an open challenge to ANYONE who thinks she can take her down!   Enter the lovely Wondergirl (played by Alisa Kiss), who tells Ray she’s tired of watching her send so many girls to the hospital.  Ray analyzes Alisa’s wardrobe and laughs… mocking this “little cos-player” for daring to walk onto the mats. What Miss Lyn doesn’t realize, however, is that Wondergirl is the real deal. When Ray goes for a punch, Alisa catches it and nearly breaks her hand with her super strength. From there on Alisa dominates… After her win, Wondergirl starts warning every other bully out there who might prey on weaker girls… all while Ray Lyn wakes up and grabs Wondergirl’s lasso. She wraps it around the stunned heroine’s throat and uses it to slowly choke her out. She tosses the lasso away after finding out it’s the source of Wondergirl’s strength and proceeds to sleeper her out! She follows up with belly blows, a wall splash, and her patented “back that up” booty bump to the skull KO! Dazed and humiliated, Alisa can only stand there as Ray finisher her off with a running RKO! Ray Lyn grabs her pin and walks away, taking Alisa’s lasso as a souvenir!

This is a total win-win video for me. I love Ray Lyn, all the energy she brings to her performances really makes her quite a joy to watch whether she’s winning or losing. Also she’s short, skinny and her outfit is really cool. Alisa is in my favorite costume of hers, I love this Wondergirl outfit so much, I’d probably buy a vid of her reading the paper, as long a she was dresses as Wondergirl while doing it. Also, I love superpowers, so it was fun to watch as Alisa tosses Ray around super easily. Then it gets ever better when Ray gets her payback. I love Alisa as a jobber, especially her tongue protrusion, I love when a cocky superheroine gets destroyed, I love Ray’s high energy style of attacks and it’s all even better when it happening to Alisa’s Wondergirl. So, great superheroine versus pro action, great performance sand selling for all involved and a great overall clip.

Overall Score: 9.5/10