Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPERGIRL’S PREY – 15 mins

We fade in to Super Jacquelyn receiving verbal instructions from her superior. Since Super Jacquelyn is to embark on a mission to take down the Evil Brainiac, it’s been decided that to fine tune her abilities she will be training using a virtual reality program. The program has several clone villains (Cali Logan) that she must take down completely in preparation for her battle in the kryptonite ridden warehouse operated by Brainiac. This clip is similar to previous clone videos as far as the ‘bones’ of the clip. However, the involvement of some killer special effects coupled with the flawless Cali/Jacquelyn combo makes this one unique in all the best ways. Jacquelyn starts her virtual reality mission taking clone Cali out with a sleeper hold. Cali is all eye rolls and slow, slow consciousness expiration in the arms of Super Jacquelyn. Following the inevitable KO, Jacquelyn sets the tone for the remainder of the one sided bout with a resonating neck snap that leaves Cali lifeless and twitching. Following several clone take downs and disposals, clone Cali does turn towards Super Jacquelyn to mount a defense. Her efforts are completely useless, as Jacquelyn only has to resort to her super powers. Clone Cali is first frozen by ice breath, turning completely blue head to toe, before a snickering Super Jacquelyn offers to ‘warm her up’. Using laser vision, Jacquelyn not only melts but literally explodes the ice fragments off of Cali, who topples to the floor. Not wanting to further dirty her hands, Jacquelyn utilizes her powerful breath to deliver a final, hands free neck snap. Now, she’s off to save the world….

This is essentially a Sentry Girls video, but of course with the obvious superheroine aspect. Super Jacquelyn sneaks up and takes downs Sentry Cali over and over again. I love that Cali is rocking the pro look with the one piece and Converse boots. The outfit is really a huge bonus for me, especially since I love Converse boots and hate dirty feet, which is seeming to a problem with several Cali vids. So her outfit is a real win/win for me. Of course there’s never a problem with Cali’s selling, she is an outstanding jobber, always has been and is again in this video. Each KO is sold a little OTT and most of time Cali ends up out cold and twitching, post neck snap. The big selling part of this video, aside for Cali’s selling and her outfit, is the last KO. Super Jacquelyn is allowed to use her powers for this KO and we get some really awesome special effects, like a completely frozen and totally blue Cali. You just got to love the special effects that some SKW vids get, they are always very well done and add a lot to this video. Overall, although this is essentially a sentry girls vid, that is not a bad thing in the slightest. Cali’s performance in amazing and the special effects makes an awesome final KO.

Overall Score: 9.5/10