Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPER-VIKA’S DOWNFALL – 19 mins

The beautiful SUPERGIRL (played by Vika) has been trapped with kryptonite by a new evildoer known simply as “Sleeperkid”, and he’s recorded a special message for the people of Metropolis:  apparently, he’s the new “big bad” in town, and he’s more than happy to torture the lovely Vika in order to prove it!   He destroys the gorgeous blonde heroine (who had no idea what real PAIN was before this day), using a myriad of holds and finishers to turn her into a submissive cautionary tale to any and all would-be superheroines!

I love when videos start with the jobber girl already defeated, you just know you’re going to be in for a squash match and I just love squash matches, superheroine or otherwise. Vika is our heroine for this one and with me being convinced she’s Anne-Marie’s long lost Russian sister, it’s awesome that she’s playing Supergirl. Now, I’m not a comic nerd, unfortunately, but in the TV show Supergirl is from National City, not Metropolis. Her and her cousin don’t protect the same city. A tiny detail that has no effect on this video what so ever, but I just wanted to correct SK, because I can… Anyway, this does of course turn out to be a fantastic squash match, with Vika delivering another great performance. I love the use of the kryptonite in this one, not just use to empower SK’s punches, but also uses it for choking, drilling, jabbing into and placing upon our poor heroine. We also get plenty of wrestling action too, with submissions and KOs everywhere. I do wish this was sold a little more OTT, even with two piledrivers there was only twitching for one and that’s it for the whole video, no tongue protrusion, or drooling either. And I say that not because I want every video to be OTT… well, OK, I do, but nonetheless, this was pretty brutal beat down and I think a lot of scenes set up perfectly for some OTT reaction but we don’t get them and it almost felt weird not to. Still however this was a great, great squash. Vika looks so great in that suit and again SK really dishes out some punishment. A wonderful Supergirl demise.

Overall Score: 9.5/10