Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPER-SPARROW vs THE BLACK MASK – 18 Mins

superWe fade in on the lovely Super-Sparrow as she holds the SKW championship belt! Turns out she was bored, and decided to fly in and use her super-powers to destroy every girl on the roster. As she delivers her victory speech, however, a hand holding a single piece of kryptonite enters the frame. Sparrow immediately feels the effects as we see a beautiful wrestler clad in black and wearing a matching black mask (Saya Savage) enter the room. The evil fighter tortures Supergirl with her weapon and proceeds to teach the do-gooder a lesson in humility. Relishing KO after KO, this Black Mask destroys Sparrow… until a final set of finishers leaves her open for the pin, thus naming a new SKW champion as the beaten heroine lays unconscious at her feet!

For those that have already seen this, or have gotten close look at the previews. No, this is not my custom. A few of you have seen that it’s another Sparrow destruction, filled with tons of twitching and drooling, but this one isn’t by me. Although, I would like to know who’s did order this, so that I can say thank you, for having Sparrow deliver another jaw dropping, over the top, stunning performance, like only Sparrow can. It’s got a great set up too, I love that Super-Sparrow came to SKW, defeated everyone and is now the reigning champ, only to be suddenly powerless and utterly dominated. Got a great mix of moves here too, with piledrivers, a dog collar, some nice wrestling moves and foot smothers. Sparrow sells the crap out of all it, with some added begging, pleading verbal, and physical submission. Saya also helps make this one elite, by being the prefect super sexy, merciless and cruel superheroine destruction device. Got give it to the custom guy for putting Saya in that suit. There’s no ragdolling though and that’s not a complaint, that’s just how you can tell I didn’t write this script, Sparrow definitely would have been a ragdoll by the end if I did. But with this starring Sparrow and with all the twitching and drooling, that she does so well, this is the first video, that I didn’t write, that I have fully welcomed into “VIP Custom Section”, thus, earning it the….

Overall Score: 11/10