Review of SUPER SKYE vs YOU

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPER SKYE vs YOU – 50 mins

Got what it takes to go one on one with Super Skye?  In this POV scenario you can square off against the Maiden of Might and test your mettle.  Make sure to bring Kryptonite to your arsenal and even the odds before you toy with her.  Use Billy Clubs and watch her go dazed and cross-eyed before knocking her out.  Play with her limp body while she lays unconscious.  Then perhaps use the Kryptonite itself to make a loaded fist, then beat her down until her eyes roll. Your Bag of tricks includes Sleepy Mist which leaves her rolling on the ground for you to enjoy, then punish her with Belly Stomping, Choking, Tazing and more.  Bring out your Hypnosis Globe and leave her out on her feet, then make her Chloroform herself. Once she’s under your control, make her wear a Leash and Collar, then choke herself for your amusement, then make her forget so you can trick her into it all over again with even more toys and tricks…

A little while ago I did a Skye Blue POV review and I mentioned that it was my favorite out of two recent Skye POVs, well this is the obviously the other one. The other obvious things, or at least soon to be obvious things that make the other video my favorite over this one is, the other one was OTT and Skye was wearing boots and knee pads. But this one is quite stellar as well. First reason is of course it’s a Skye Blue video and Skye is awesome, period.  Next, is it’s a superheroine video and our superheroine is completely dominated. And finally, there’s plenty of KOs. In the other Skye Blue POV I mentioned that it seemed like Skye didn’t really know exactly how to sell a role so OTT, but still did a wonderful job. Well this one isn’t OTT and Skye knew exactly how to sell this one and completely crushed it, an absolutely outstanding performance. So of you love Skye Blue, especially playing the helpless victim and/or the powerless heroine, but don’t love that over the top nonsense like I do, then this is the perfect video for you.

Overall score: 9.9/10