Review of Super Limp Super Keri

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsSuper Limp Super Keri – 12 mins

Super Keri is investigating a residence due to reports of suspicious activity. Out of nowhere she is accosted by Villainess Vonka who is equipped with a special kryptonite serum in her bloodstream, allowing her strikes to cause damage. Super Keri is punched repeatedly in the stomach before Vonka uppercuts her into oblivion. Super Keri is rendered for the duration of this video. Vonka enjoys limp play with her at length. It’s clear Vonka has got a ‘thing’ for the superheroine as she gives ample sleepy kisses as well as excessive body gropes/fondling. Super Keri is stripped of her cape and skirt, leaving her yet humiliated in her ‘S’ shirt and panties.

Checking out some new Keri Spectrum content with this well titled super limp Super Keri video. This one gets right to the point as Vonka is putting the finishing touches on an already weak Super Keri, after a few punches it lights out time for Keri. She twitches for a while once she’s out and Vonka starts her limp play session. The twitching slowly subsides and after a minute or two completely stops, of course you guys know I would have loved it if Keri twitched for the whole video, but ahh, I can’t win them all. Keri does however stay out for the rest of the video as Vonka does whatever she damn well pleases with the super limp Super Keri, which is all fine and dandy. My only reasonable complaint is just that the camera says at the foot of the bed for the whole video, which doesn’t actually ruin anything, but I do feel a couple of sexy angles were missed by staying down there. I definitely enjoyed watching super limp Super Keri get played with and now that Keri is back at it I will definitely be keeping up with her for more great action, stay tuned.

Overall Score: 9.5/10