Review of Super LeAnn vs Spider Becca II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSuper LeAnn vs Spider Becca II – 20 Mins

LeAnnSuper LeAnn barely survived her first encounter with Spider Becca and is looking to get even! She’s created a special spray on lotion that when applied to her bare skin will actually reverse Spider Becca’s ability to drain super powers! To hide her identity, LeAnn wears a lucha mask and the two beautiful super girls meet in the studio. They trade punches for a bit until Spider Becca gets bored and grabs LeAnn’s exposed skin. She suddenly realizes that something’s wrong and feels her own powers begin to drain from her! Super LeAnn laughs and enjoys gaining the strength of her adversary. Using her new strength, the masked beauty proceeds to destroy Spider Becca with punches, kicks, and wrestling holds. The action starts on the carpet then moves inside the ring as Super LeAnn works the weakened blond over. She finally pulls Spider Becca into a crushing bear hug that nearly finishes Becca off … until Becca places her hands on the top of LeAnn’s mask and realizes that her powers are returning to her! It seems that Super LeAnn only applied her special lotion on her bare skin and Spider Becca can still drain LeAnn of her powers by gripping her mask or hair! Super LeAnn suddenly begins to get weaker and weaker as the evil blond removes her mask and goes to town on the brunette while constantly gripping her hair to drain her of her powers! Poor LeAnn is beaten with punches, flipped around the ring, put in a camel clutch, destroyed with a hair pulling leg lock, several scissor holds, and plenty of belly punches in the corner. To finally finish off Super LeAnn, Spider Becca traps her arms in the ring ropes and knocks her out with a sleeper hold! A final extended period of claw holds to LeAnn’s head drains her completely of her remaining powers and Spider Becca sighs with pleasure!

Another addition to this wonderful series, where once again Spider Becca reigns supreme. But this one was a close one. I really love the idea of counteracting Becca’s powers, because Becca looks so amazing it that suit, why not have her lose in it? I also really enjoyed LeAnn’s plan almost working flawlessly until it failed miserably, leading to her amazing defeat. This is just another win/win vid for me, as there nothing better than watching a weakened Becca doing some great jobbing for us especially in that outfit, but at the same time LeAnn is amazing looking and a great jobber too, in her own right. So, watching her defeat was a ton of fun. Now knowing that Spider Becca powers can be counteracted, it’s only up to finding the right application before Spider Becca is finally defeated (evil laughter). Obviously can’t use this idea again, but maybe something that makes LeAnn, or whoever, sweat out a chemical to reverse her powers. Let’s see Spider Becca overcome that! I don’t often mention outtakes, but this one is perfectly hilarious for the role Becca is playing… Thank you for that Rick!

Overall Score: 9.5/10