Review of Super Dazed

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Review of Kayla ObeySuper Dazed – 13 mins

Unknowing a trap has been set, Supergirl breathes in a sleepy gas tainted with kryptonite. She slowly grows weaker until falling limp onto the bed. She wakes up, dazed and drowsy…getting up before smelling the strange scent again. Oh no, she falls completely out of it again, laying still on the bed. When she regains consciousness, she’s not fully with it, super dazed, she collapses in a limp heap against the bed. She’s still strong despite the kryptonite and manages to come to one final time, but barely. She can hardly keep her eyes open. She falls back and lays motionless.

This is as simple of an idea and simple can be, but of course, and especially when talking Kayla Obey, there’s nothing wrong with being simple. But what this is, is just Kayla passing out from a sleeping gas trap over and over again and laying out cold on, and next to the bed. Now, there are a few things that really stand out for me in this video, first and foremost being watching Kayla in her supergirl costume, I love this costume, I do wish we got some nice up skirt shots of her in this costume, but still a love it. Another stand out point for me is, I have found watching some of the girls just slowly breathing while out cold oddly exciting recently, which works out great for this video because the KO scenes are long and Kayla is lying completely still and the only movement is her belly slowly rising and falling as she slumbers. And the final stand out point is, and what should be unsurprising to anyone that has seen my Kayla customs, is her struggling to get back to her feet, or just weakly crawling on the ground before slowly passing out again. I just love her dazed reactions and besides for the long and motionless KO scenes, that what this vid is all about. Of course the only really change I would have like to see is of course some OTT reactions, twitching, tongue out, some close ups for some eye rolling, any or all of that would have made this spectacular for me, but I still really liked this one and maybe I’ll mix some of the details from this video into a future Kayla custom of my own.

Overall Score: 8.5/10