Review of Super Becca’s Super Weakness

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSuper Becca’s Super Weakness – 20 mins

Super Becca has located the lair of evil Peyton, a super villain who has been building a secret device to destroy her rivals. Becca attacks the black leather clad cutie with super strength bear hugs and a painful torture rack. Seeing the wrestling ring, Super Becca tosses the overwhelmed bad girl into it for more punishment. But soon, evil Peyton sees her chance and manages to place a kryptonite toe ring on Super Becca that quickly weakens her! Before she knows what to do, Becca is attacked with foot torturing moves including wrapping her legs around the ring post, a figure four leg lock, various ankle twisting maneuvers, and plenty of toe twisting torture! In the end Peyton hog ties Super Becca and hangs her from the ring ropes as she leaves to continue working on her device.

OK, so first off, I was already sold at Peyton vs. Becca. I keep telling you guys, when these two go at it, only greatness follows. This one is a real two part video, as about halfway through, not only does Peyton take full control, but it also goes from more of a wrestling match, to a foot torture match. As far as the superheroine part goes, I love Becca in this suit, and love the idea of a kryptonite toe ring as the way to take Supergirl down. I always like vids that find fun ways of taking superheroines powers away and defeating them. It’s a definite win/win to have Peyton losing for the first half, then Becca for the rest, ending with her defeat. There are any really KOs in this one, not even at the end, as Becca is barely conscious tied up in the ropes, but that actually didn’t bother me at all. Becca and Peyton were so good and so entertaining I didn’t notice the lack of KOs until my second or third time watching it. So, this one is good for a lot of different people, with Superheroines, wrestling, submission hold, foot torture, up close foot shots and some weak/half consciousness, I think this can appeal to many different fetishes all at once.

Overall Score: 9.5/10