Review of Sumiko Wrecked to Bits

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Review of Hannah in FetishlandSumiko Wrecked to Bits – 31 mins

This is a compilation of 15 short scenes acted out by Sumiko Dreams and Hannah Perez as they get riddled by invisible boollets. Wearing their short shorts always, they take turns executing each other and being executed by you! POV. Plenty of close-ups on their limp bodies and body piles after being machine guhhned.

Here’s a nice gun fun vid, with Sumiko and Hannah. I always find these machine gunning vids kind of funny. I can’t help but laugh a little as they wiggle and jiggle around from the shots and this being 30 minutes long, there’s a lot of that. Then when they finally do go down, normally in a pile, they get another helping of “boollets” for some more wiggling and jiggling, which is a lot like twitching for me, so you know I loved that. The outfits are another thing that I really loved about this one, the sexy shorts, Sumiko’s got a little belly showing, wish Hannah did too, and the sneakers are a great touch for me too. Of course, Sumiko and Hannah do a great job selling in this, that goes without saying. There’s lots of wiggling and giggling and they end up in some pretty sexy piles too, lots of close up shots, which makes this one fun and sexy. I love these kinds of vids every now and then, but there’s not much difference between one and or another. So, I like them, but I got to keep them spaced out.

Overall Score: 8.5/10