Review of SUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter four

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter four – 24 Mins

SumikoWe fade in on the owner of the dreaded Underground Female Wrestling Federation instructing a mindless and violent minion known only as the Phantom (played brilliantly by a masked Bambi Buttons) to retrieve Detective Sumiko for him.  If you’ve been following this story, you know Sumiko’s managed to get herself kidnapped by the Federation, but when The Phantom enters the mat room and finds Sumiko gone, the crazed wrestler freaks out… until Sumiko attacks with a karate chop to the neck, some kicks to the belly, and a massive kick to the jaw!  A desperate Sumiko traps her into a sleeper/hand over mouth smother that knocks the evil minion OUT!  Sumiko makes her escape, breaking out of the house and running across the backyard… until a silenced tranquilizer dart hits her backside.  A shocked Sumiko drops to the ground, convulsing and paralyzed as we see the now conscious Phantom stand her up and nail THREE back to back heart punches (the last one producing a drooling spit-take) that knock Sumiko out cold.  She slumps forward, into the Phantom’s over the shoulder carry.  She takes the sleeping detective in for a night of brutality… and a few twists and turns, added for flavor. The evil overlord laughs as The Phantom drops Sumiko onto the mats, instructing her to give Sumiko the beating of a lifetime.  The Phantom obeys, never uttering a single word as she demolishes the Japanese jobber with tons of brutal holds. The Phantom is ordered to take Sumiko away after her devastating defeat.  She goes to pick the sleeping detective up but Sumiko manages to taze the masked maniac, dropping her like a rock.  She crawls on top of The Phantom and finishes the job, pressing the tazer into her chest until she stops moving.  Sumiko removes the evildoer’s mask… only to realize she’s one of the many girls reported as kidnapped by the Federation.  She tries to leave but the room fills with sleeping gas, knocking her out COLD! We hear the Federation leader’s voice ring through the now silent room.  He’s impressed with Sumiko’s spirit… and he wonders if it’s now time for her CONVERSION to his underground cult… as the camera fades to black.

This is easily my favorite ongoing, story driven series at SKW, it might be the only story driven series, but even if there were/are others, this would be my favorite. Mainly because most of the action is mostly Sumiko getting destroyed and with each passing episode/chapter the beating gets a little worse and a little more over the top. Making this one, obviously, the most brutal and over the top one yet. And with the added minions, Jessie Belle before and Bambi Buttons now, Sumiko’s escape attempts are even better, as the action is FvF. As always with Sumiko her performance is flawless in every way, her drooling and twitching too, looked really great. But I really think Bambi kind of stole the show this time. If not stolen, Bambi improved the show 10x. Her character is someone with no free will, is horrified of her master and without question jumps to his every command. The way Bambi portrayed that character was just perfect and all without saying a word. Bambi also gets KO’d a few times as Sumiko tries to escape, which is great, especially in that outfit and she also turns out to be one of the missing girls that got Sumiko all tangled in this situation in the first place. So, the plot thickens. I really look forward to where this story goes next, it seem Sumiko may be the next minion and that might be happening over at, if it does, I’ll be sure to check it out and tell you guys about it.

Overall Score: 9.9/10