Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMIKO vs THE INVISIBLE – 31 mins

In what could very well be a FIRST in the female wrestling custom circuit, we present one of Sumiko’s FINEST performances…one that starts with her telling the fans that her pro training allows her to narrate and “act out” a match vs an invisible wrestler.  In other words, Sumiko LITERALLY gets her butt kicked for 30 minutes by HERSELF.  It is something that truly needs to be seen to be believed, and for a few moments your eyes will even SEARCH for her “opponent” (seriously, she’s that good!) Also included: A bonus segment where Sumiko acts out the cameraman’s narration, improvising as she goes!

Doing quite a throwback review here, a review that someone told me long, long ago I never reviewed and with my plate a little empty I couldn’t think of better video to fill that space. Released way back in August of 2012, Sumiko and SKW literally changed game forever. It’s hard to say now, for sure, but I am pretty sure this was the first invisible opponent video or at least the first one that really caught on. Now a common occurrence, from solo acts to multi-girl performances and everything in between, the invisible foe match type is a staple of our community. I have always said that the jobbers of the matches were the true stars of the show and back in 2012 Sumiko proved that sometimes you don’t even need an actual, visible heel at all to have a outstanding squash match. Sumiko does everything on her own, including narrating her own destruction and later following SK’s call outs leading to a second self-served demise. Since then Sumiko and many others have been asked to take on the invisible and they too have faced defeat by the transparent hands of their invisible antagonist. In my opinion, the newer vids have improved on what Sumiko has started here, including some of Sumiko’s “rematches” too, but there will always be something special about this one video, a video that in my eyes paved the way for a whole new genre of jobber destruction. If you’ve never seen this, just do yourself a favor and check it out. You can thank me later.

Overall Score: 10/10