Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMIKO vs BAMBI: THE GRUDGE – 32 Mins

bambiAfter some serious trash-talking from Sumiko, the lovely Bambi Buttons enters the mat room and exchanges some insults with the Japanese fighter.  SK decides to add fuel to the fire by setting up a match on the spot, and both ladies look ready to tear into the other.  They circle and lock up in a test of strength, and the rest, as they say… is history!  Prepare for some serious spoilers below… Sumiko wins the test of strength and dominates with an ab stretch/belly punching and a headlock takedown but Bambi reverses it into a body scissors.  Sumiko breaks out and applies her own, only to trap Bambi in a reverse neckscissors for a KO.  She schoolgirl pins Bambi and gets the win!   Sumiko steps to the camera and delivers a small post-match interview… all while Bambi comes to and approaches from the back.  She attacks with a hand over mouth smother, moving on to a dragon sleeper that quickly saps Sumiko’s strength and knocks her out!  She places her foot over Sumiko’s mouth and nose as a victory pose, only to continue her assault! She dog walks Sumiko around the mats, using her hair to drag her around, following up with a  surfboard, camel clutch, camel clutch sleeper KO, chin lock,  over the knee backbreaker/choke KO, matchbook pin, butt slap wake up tactic, second over the knee backbreaker, standing boston crab, single boston crab, surfboard/curb stomps to a KO, MEXICAN CEILING HOLD / sleeper combo KO, face squeezing, bow and arrow, grapevine pin/sleeper KO, schoolgirl/straddle pin, victory pose, and a final butt in the air (derri “air”) victory pose. Not satisfied, Bambi brings out some rope (as well as chloroform and a rag) and proceeds to hog-tie Sumiko a she slumbers (hog-tie is shown in full).  Sumiko awakens and watches in horror as Bambi pours chloroform onto the rag.  She clamps it over Sumiko’s mouth and nose until she’s completely out, smiling as she cleave-gags her victim.   She takes a nearby marker and writes “JOBBER QUEEN” on Sumiko’s belly, leading to a final shot of the bound wrestler, destroyed and humiliated on the SKW mats as Bambi goes for a final victory pose!

I always love a nice Sumiko squash and even though this isn’t a full squash, it is mostly, just with the bonus of a nice Bambi KO first. Sumiko makes pretty quick work of Bambi at first, with a little back and forth action then a quick KO. It’s always nice to see Bambi on the losing side, but after gloating to camera this becomes Sumiko’s show. We all know Sumiko didn’t become a fan favorite by pure luck, she’s one of the best jobbers ever and that fact is on great display here. Bambi makes sure to humiliate Sumiko quite thoroughly while beating her down. The beatdown isn’t enough for Bambi though as after a couple of KOs and victory poses, she hogties Sumiko. Now, it shows the whole tying process, which takes a little longer then I’d like to watch, but the positives are Sumiko is out cold the whole time and offers no resistance, and Bambi takes her time and is loving every minute of it. After that’s all done and Sumiko’s all wrapped up like a Christmas present Bambi takes it a few steps further, waking Sumiko just to let her helpless watch as she pours chloroform into a rag, KO her, gage her, then Bambi writes “Jobber Queen” on her abs and leaves her out cold and humiliated. It a fantastic ending to a nice beatdown. I love how happy Bambi is, smiling from ear to ear the whole time and Sumiko is literally flawless in every way. No reason to miss out on this unique and humiliating video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10