Review of SUMI-K.O. (part 2)

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMI-K.O. (part 2) – 16 mins

Sumiko has a problem with Alex, accusing her of being a “part-timer” while Sumiko’s been dominating in SKW for the past few years.  Words have consequences, though as Alex responds with a kick to the belly before subjecting poor Sumiko to a series of back-wrenching body-slams.  Wailing and gasping, Sumiko writhes on the mat, as Alex takes the opportunity to devastate her with a series of body-splashes that leave Sumiko’s eyes rolling.  Alex goes for a ten-count pin, but breaks it up herself to punish Sumiko more, rolling her into a reverse leg-scissors that has Sumiko begging and wailing, before adding a Sleeper Hold to send her into eye-rolling dreamland.  Trash-talking Alex isn’t done yet though, and punishes Sumiko with a Camel Clutch / Sleeper Hold combination for another brutal knockout over her rival.  Bearhugs, Leg Scissors, Ninja Chokes, Neck Scissors and more punish as Alex dominates, trash talking as only she can.

Another Sumiko squash? Yes, please and again at the hands of Alex, but this time Alex doesn’t need her mask to crush Sumiko this time. If I’ve said it once, I said it 100 times, I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing Sumiko getting absolutely dominated and I feel a lot of you agree with me there. This one isn’t even OTT like the MASKED ALEX series, but that doesn’t even slow me down from loving this one as Sumiko is an excellent jobber as always, selling everything as perfectly as you can imagine and Alex is just trash talking Sumiko the whole time with some witty banter as dominates. The beatdown is totally pro style from start to finish, kicking off with some body slams, then a bunch of submissions in the middle and topped off with a piledriver. And of course I love the outfits too, bikinis, boots and knee pads, my personal favorite look, looks great on both Alex and Sumiko. So everything you could want from a pro style Sumiko squash, as long as you’re not looking for OTT reactions, because you’re not really going to get them from this one, but as I said, that doesn’t really matter in this case.

Overall Score: 9.5/10