Review of Succumb to my Sleeper

Review of Spectrum/Custom RequestsSuccumb to my Sleeper – 12 mins

The official Bluenette duo Vonka Romanov and Lydia Vengeance have many things in common and one of them is their unrivaled competitive streak. With both of them being on the fetish wrestling scene they’ve picked up some skills on the mats. Today, at Spectrum, they’re about to enter into a sleeper hold’s only bout. What the ladies don’t realize is they both have ulterior motives. First, whoever gains the highest counts of ‘limpness’ wins. But while limp…each fighter deviously plans to take prime advantage of their ‘friends’ prone, scantily clad body through both humiliation and sensual stimulation. They start the match on their knees but that doesn’t slow down the intensity one bit. When the match starts they launch and lock horns. They’re evenly sized and very nearly evenly matched but it’s Vonka who falls victim to the first rear naked lock. Lydia applies the pressure as a python would to it’s prey. Vonka slowly, ever so slowly succumbs to the sand man. Once down and out Lydia begins playing with her limp, sensuous body. She runs her hands everywhere exploring before cupping Vonka’s firm ass and squeezing it tightly. When Vonka comes around again, it’s round 2! Still weakened from the first go around, Lydia quickly subdues her yet again. Vonka is crippled with another sleeper hold. As she gasps for air and flails for escape, Lydia laughs mirthlessly. The fight slowly leaves Vonka, leaving her wide open yet again to be perversely fondled by the sexy and sultry Lydia Vengeance. Round 3 brings about a much needed change of pace….Vonka gains the upper hand! She strikes out hard and fast with a second wind, procuring a sleeper hold on Lydia! Lydia scrambles as best she can in a vain attempt to escape, but Vonka’s fury aids her in keeping the hold locked on tight. It’s mere moments before Lydia sees her fate is sealed, just as the sleeper is. Her eyes begin to roll as her arms drop to her sides. Vonka smirks as Lydia loses all capacity to think or move….and then….Vonka has her fun. She explores, caresses, squeezes, tweaks and self-masturbates Lydia’s genitals as she’s out like a light! Little to Lydia’s own knowledge! Lydia groggily comes to and her eyes are all daggers, staring at Vonka. The score is 2-1 and Lydia does NOT want to lose. Fiercely locking up, both ladies prepare to win at all costs. They collapse to their sides and wrestle for control. But it’s VONKA who yet again applies the tight sleeper hold! Lydia is shocked beyond all bounds as Vonka squeezes tighter and tighter, applying pressure in a teasing manner. Lydia knows the almost out completely! Once out, Vonka limp plays with Lydia’s entire body. Prodding her, poking her. Lydia’s entire body is sensually explored by the hands of Vonka, followed by her lips. A trail of smooches are peppered down the cheeks of Lydia’s limp ass as Vonka gloats. Little does Vonka seem to realize, but the end score is ACTUALLY 2-2…..Keri Spectrum, the camera operator, keeps this tiny tidbit to herself, as she plans to coordinate an EXTRA special rematch for two of Spectrum’s sexiest fighters.

This video is actually really simple, if you were to break it down to just the simple facts, there are only 4 KOs, all of them sleeper holds with some shenanigans in between and that really it. However, this simple idea turns out to be a really great because the two awesome girls that star in it mostly win the videos when they’re in. The “Bluenette”, Lydia and Vonka are known for kicking ass all the time and have countless victories for both Keri Spectrum’s production and Cali Logan’s. So, it nice to see them both sell some KOs, because even as little as we get to see them do it, they are both fantastic jobbers. Another thing that I really love about this video is how long they hold the sleepers on, making sure their foe is good and out before letting go. I am a fan of some extended sleeper hold action. So, that was a good touch to add to this. And the final feature I’ll bring up that takes a simple idea and makes it a great video is the limp play. Both Lydia and Vonka take advantage of their opponent while they sleep, checking their limbs and giggling their asses and with those thongs and well developed backsides, it makes for a great show. I hope this shows just how great both these ladies are at being jobbers and will hopeful lead to us see them playing the role of the loser more often. In fact, Keri teased that because this match really ended in a 2-2 tie, she was going to have them do an extra special rematch. I don’t know what she has in mind, but I know I can’t wait to see it.

Overall Score: 9.9/10