Review of Submit to Me

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSubmit to Me – 23.5 Mins

Here’s another creative custom battle between Becca and LeAnn! We fade in on a match between LeAnn and Madison that is already in progress. An injured LeAnn is being stalked by her opponent as Becca watches from ringside. The match concludes with a screaming submission by LeAnn as Madison takes the win and leaves. Becca jumps in the ring and comes to the aid of LeAnn by helping her stretch. The blond knows that she’s got a match against LeAnn coming up so she “helps” LeAnn by knocking her out with a surprise sleeper hold then wakes her up to put her through several other humiliating and painful holds. We cut to the future match when LeAnn meets Becca in the ring with plans to get even! But Becca is still too much for the brunette and a long match filled with leg locks and ankle twisting holds has poor LeAnn screaming in pain! Becca continuously talks to YOU, her audience, as she laughs about the total domination of the brunette beauty! After being soundly beaten and humiliated by Becca, we cut to another future rematch where LeAnn finally gets her revenge with lots of low blows, leg locks, and numerous painful holds that have Becca screaming in pain! After an impressive cross legged choke pin wins the match, LeAnn enjoys taking selfies of herself and the completely destroyed Becca!

Another vid that’s almost 3 videos is one, starting with the end of Madison’s match with LeAnn, where Becca takes advantage of an injured LeAnn. Too bad Becca did lose in that suit, because she looks awesome while she tortures LeAnn after already losing her match. Then we go to a match with LeAnn vs Becca. LeAnn fails to gain her revenge here, as Becca pretty much dominates the whole match. I really like this part, because of the outfits and LeAnn being the sexy, awesome jobber that she is and Becca also being that sexy, mean heel that keeps talking crap to the camera. And finally we fade to a rematch, this time Becca is caught off guard teasing and talking to the camera when LeAnn attacks. This time LeAnn gains full revenge totally dominating Becca. So, there’s definitely no losing for us in this one, I can’t even really pick my favorite part. I love Becca as the jobber, but LeAnn is an awesome jobber in her own right, and I like the boots and knee pads better than them being barefoot. Also I love the humiliation at the end with LeAnn taking pictures of Becca defeated. So I can’t truthfully say what was my favorite part, but I can say it was all very good, very entertaining and a quick way to do a fun multi-match storyline.

Overall Score: 9/10