Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUBMISSIONS vs KNOCKOUTS 2 – 22 Mins

MerryONE HELL of a CUSTOM BATTLE BETWEEN AN SKW LEGEND…and ONE OF OUR MOST PROMISING NEW STARS! We fade in on both Sumiko and Merry Meow making their way to the mats, posing for the cameras before facing off in a submissions/KOs contest.  The two talk some serious trash before the battle begins…and here’s the breakdown: Round one: Merry unleashes a sudden kick that knocks Sumiko out INSTANTLY but decides not to pin her.  Instead, Merry delights in torturing the SKW veteran with an extended camel clutch with hair pulling and eye rakes, a leg spreader/belly claw combo, a double thigh claw, and a side neck scissors.  Sumiko refuses to submit so Merry clamps on a brutal belly claw.  Sumiko holds out, never screaming a surrender, even as the pain causes her to black out.  Merry goes for the pin and the point! Round two: the girls lock up but Merry traps Sumiko in an armbar, pushing her down to the ground so she’s prone…switching it to a double arm bar, but Sumiko refuses to give.  Merry goes for a jujigitame armlock, a leg nelson, and a figure FOUR leg nelson that finally makes Sumiko tap!!! Round three:  Merry attacks a weakened Sumiko and nails a piledriver KO!  She goes for the pin but Sumiko barely kicks out.  As she picks her up for more, however, Merry is struck by three belly shots that stun her…leading to a sudden temple drill attack from a frustrated Sumiko!  A stunned Merry slowly succumbs, her eyes rolling…her body twitching as she goes to sleep!  Furious, Sumiko awakens her only to put her back out with a double neck claw, followed by an Asian thumb spike that once again puts Merry OUT even though she struggles to submit!  Sumiko goes for the pin and the victory pose! Round four: Sumiko is energized and takes advantage of a weakened Merry with a sudden hangman attack.  Merry doesn’t give, however, so Sumiko presses on with Bob Backlund’s patented Cross Face Chicken Wing!  Sumiko adds a body scissors but Merry refuses to submit, so she switches to a brutal Crippler crossface that finally breaks Merry’s will! Round five: Sumiko is now in total control, sweeping Merry’s feet and trapping her in an Indian Deathlock that has Merry screaming!  Sumiko lifts and drops, repeatedly increasing the pressure.  She applies a chinlock along with the deathlock, but Merry is defiant.  Sumiko then switches to a figure four leglock…and refuses to let go till Merry finally taps!!!   But Sumiko isn’t done yet, slapping a cobra clutch on Merry just for fun…watching her fade to sleep as she smiles. A final Sumiko split pin seals it…as she is declared the winner after a 10 count pin!!!

When you have two amazing ladies like this, it really is best sometimes to have some back and forth action like this. Sumiko has been a fan favorite forever and Merry is definitely making her way up through the ranks, especially for me. So much so, that I actually hoped for her to lose this match, and lucky for me she did and in great fashion, but not before giving Sumiko a little bit of a beating first. We get tons of great selling and reactions from both girls and they both can do some amazing eyerolling. With the submissions, we get a lot of great screaming, tapping out and verbal submissions. When Sumiko takes over, she really takes it to Merry, forcing Merry to twitch post KO on a few different occasions, which of course I always enjoy. So, with this one you get two beautiful, amazing performers, who both get so time knocking out and forcing the other to submit. An easy pick if you’re a fan or either girl.

Overall Score: 9/10