Review of Stuck in the Couch

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Review of Kayla ObeyStuck in the Couch – 5 Mins

I had a few too many drinks tonight and can hardly keep myself upright as I stumble into my living room. (Okay, I failed at keeping myself upright, and stumble around falling to the ground a lot). Next thing you know- my head is stuck in the couch!! I have no idea how this happened, but I had quite a rough time struggling to get myself out! Both of my heels pop off and my dress rides up, leaving my pantyhose covered ass so exposed. You can even hear me moaning between the cushions. Eventually I manage to pull my head out but I’m still super out of it.

For those who don’t know yet, Kayla Obey is officially back and making new content for us! Now, this one isn’t a limp play vid or a fighting vid, unless you count Kayla fighting to free herself for the couch, but I grabbed this video because I thought it would be funny and I got to say, I thought right. To me this vid is quite funny for a few reasons. One, Kayla comes in drunk as can be, falling all over the place and doing her best to stay upright, failing to, but she tries. Next, is how she magically gets her head stuck in the couch, who know how that happened, but it’s pretty funny to me. And lastly the incredible struggling she puts on trying to get her head free, kicking air, climbing all over the couch upside down, doing splits and wiggling around. She shows nice flexibility and looks very good doing it. Speaking of which, the best thing is of course, we get the best angle for this, just watching her ass and legs doing their best while she struggles. When she finally does get free she just slumps to the ground, rightfully, exhausted. It would have been nice to see her pass out at the end and get a few seconds of her sleeping it off, but that wouldn’t have made a big difference. I liked this one because it’s a silly situation, that I laughed at a bunch and she successfully added some nice sexiness to it. It’s also not a long vid, this was funny, but if it was 20 mins long, it would not have kept me laughing all that time.

Overall Score: 8.5/10