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Review of Kayla ObeyStrip Boxing – 15 mins

“I have a boxing match coming up with a long time rival of mine. She and I have fought a few times before and have been pretty evenly matched so far. However, last time I beat her so I think I’ve got her weakness figured out. We will fight to prove who is the best once and for all. This time it’s going to be a little different though. It’s a strip match…whoever gets knocked down or is out for a 10 count has to remove an article of clothing. We both have 4 in total. Needless to say, whoever is naked first is the loser. Let’s go.” (POV, solo video) Kayla is confident she’ll win, she beat this girl last time they met and feels she has truly discovered her weakness. Kayla would have been right too, but her opponent has no plans on having a fair fight. She’s weighted her gloves, which will make her punches much, much harder and heavier than Kayla will be able to withstand Of course, Kayla has no idea. As the match begins, Kayla is able to get a few punches in before her opponent lands the first heavy punch to Kayla’s belly. The punch comes in so hard, it knocks all the winds knocked out of Kayla. Kayla drops to her knees gasping for air, you can see her look of confidence turn to pure panic as she tries to catch her breath. The 10 count starts as Kayla is on her knees clutching her belly and trying to breathe. The count gets to 8 before Kayla forces herself back to her feet. Kayla looks very concerned, still holding her belly, but back on her feet and as ready to go as she can be. Kayla throws a few more punches before getting hit in the belly again. Kayla crumbles from the impact, dropping into the fetal position and coughing hard as all the air gets knocked out of her again. The count begins again, Kayla stays down coughing, but somehow just beats the count making it back to her feet before 10. Kayla is clearly hurt now, still coughing and gasping for air. Kayla staggers back toward her opponent, not wanting to give up, but only gets a punch to the head. Kayla crashes to the floor, flat on her back. as the count begins Kayla tries to sit up, but her eyes roll back in her head as she passes back out. Kayla twitches as the count reaches 10. It takes about 30 seconds for Kayla to wake up. She shacks her head back and forth trying to clear the cobwebs as she starts her way back to her feet. As Kayla makes it back to her feet she is reminded of the belly/rib injury she’s suffered already, grabbing her belly in pain. Kayla is instructed to remove a piece of clothing. She looks frustrated as she removes her gloves and pulls her top off… Complaining that her opponent is cheating and wincing in pain as she stretches her midsection to remove her top. Kayla gets her gloves back on, but while she does that she mocks her opponent for having to cheat in order to beat her. She continues as she gets ready to fight telling her foe that even though she’s cheating Kayla feels that she can still beat her. The match continues on until poor Kayla is nude and her cheating opponent claims victory. **The final bit of the video is filmed with a phone (as my camera broke during the filming of this video) so the price deduction reflects this**

I’m always excited to review my own customs and this time is no different, as I got this absolute banger of a custom from the amazing Kayla Obey. If there was any doubt that Kayla is the best solo fetish performer in our world, I truly believe that video should clear that up. First off, Kayla again follows the script better than anyone I’ve ordered from. Now, I have purposely told some producers to stray for my scripts, so I’m not talking about them, but nonetheless, it is almost shocking how strict and exact she follows a script, it’s amazing. Next, is Kayla’s performance, which is outstanding, she does everything perfectly, from the confident start, smiling as she throws out the first few punches, to panicked as she feels the weight of her opponent’s punches, to selling her belly/rib injury perfectly as she tries to fight through the pain. Then getting knocked senseless, as her eyes roll back in her head and she stumbles punch drunkly around before get laid out cold and twitching on the floor as she gets slowly counted out. It’s all better then I imagined it would be. Another reason why Kayla is the best is, her camera broke during the filming of this video and she came to me right away, explained the situation and told me I can wait for her to get a new camera or she can film the rest on her phone. Me knowing that my custom was almost complete and not knowing how long it would be for her to replace her camera (turns out it was only a day or two) told her she can finish it with her phone and even with her phone she was able to get some really great final shots, that might not have been what she had in mind, but definitely completed the video properly, with the only real loss being some audio quality and since she was out cold for most of that, there really wasn’t much lost there either. So, through her strict script following, her outstanding performance, the quickness of her reporting a problem to me and her ability to find a suitable solution, not only made this video a smashing success, but also surly locks in that Kayla Obey is the best solo producer we have. And if you’ve seen any of the preview from her recent SKW visit, she’s pretty damn good in a collaborative effort as well. But that’s enough of me pumping up Kayla’s ego, let’s actually talk about this video specifically for a moment. I love the strip boxing rules, of course, because I made them, but it gives us multiple KOs, with Kayla only being capable of removing the first two clothing items herself and then her opponent taking the liberty and helping Kayla out of the rest, as she was taking too long to regain consciousness. I think keeping her shoes and gloves on while removing the rest of her clothes gave her a unique look at the end. I like that Kayla calls her opponent out for cheating, but is too cocky to stop the match. I love the injury idea, as it has an effect on her through everything, from stripping her clothes off, to getting up off the floor and even when she’s out on her feet, Kayla still clutches her stomach in pain, she really did a great job selling that. I also love the 10 count, it’s such a subtitle feature, but it adds a lot to the video, watching as she barely beats the count or gives us great long, twitchy KO scenes when it’s obvious she’s not getting up. I really feel like all the pieces fell in to place extremely well for this video, aside from her camera, which wasn’t meant to fall at all, but still this has quickly become my favorite Kayla Obey custom thus far and believe me when I say I’m already planning on something new for the incredible Kayla Obey.

Overall score: 11/10