Review of Stevie’s Self Defense Class

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Stevie’s Self Defense Class – 17 mins

This fun custom video opens with a beautiful red head laying spread eagled and unconscious in the ring. She wakes and sits up to groggily inform you that her self defense training video didn’t go very well due to some interference. As she speaks, she sees the curtain mysteriously open! Stevie swoons and passes out again. Cut to one hour earlier as Stevie makes her training video. She teaches you how to properly stretch, throw punches and kicks, and how to use weapons. But throughout her training video she finds herself getting knocked out by an invisible foe! Her eyes roll and cross, her tongue pops out, and she twitches to a full spread-eagled position in every knockout. If you’ve been wanting to see this cutie in a solo silly knockout video then you definitely won’t be disappointed! Enjoy!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really wanting to see Stevie in solo silly knockout video, even though I was impressed with her performance after “A Competition for the Competition”. I was thinking of seeing her in something more like “Peyton Proves Herself”, but I’m glad that I did get to see Stevie in this solo silly knockouts vid, because she totally killed it. I mean from start to finish Stevie does and wonderful job being silly and over the top and it really was amazing. Now, she is still new, so her selling isn’t perfect, but it is damn good and will only get better from here. I kind of hope that she gets a lot silly OTT KO roles after this, because then she’ll have to do this all the time and in no time she’ll be one of the best at FWR. If I was to give her any pointers, as if she’d ever see this, it would be that her twitching is kind of one limb at a time, then a different limb and so on. Now, any kind of twitching to me is awesome, but I think twitching from the body/chest area is best. Everything else she’s got under control, great eye rolling, tongue protrusion, beautiful KO poses, excellent line delivery and just looks fantastic. So as much as I hope whatever comes next for Stevie is something silly and OTT, I think she can do whatever anyone requests of her.  

Overall Score: 9.9/10