Review of Stella’s Brutal Beatdown

Review of Defeated Stella’s Brutal Beatdown – 20 mins

Stella walks in to the studio, still dressed in her street clothes and starts talking about how she loves the new set up and can’t wait to beat somebody up in there. She then starts talking that time that she sneak attacked Elizabeth, “The so called Queen”. Going on about how she never saw her coming, how she ragdolled Elizabeth, how much fun that was and how she can’t wait to do it again. Best of all, she mentions how Elizabeth, to this day, has no idea it was her who attacked her. Well, unfortunately for Stella, Elizabeth walks in behind her and over hears her confessing to attacking her. Of course this immediately boils the blood inside of Elizabeth. She confronts Stella, pushing her in the back, screaming at her, “It was you!” Stella tries desperately to deny responsibility for the attack, but Elizabeth isn’t hearing it. With one huge punch to the face, Elizabeth lays Stella flat out. Stella’s eyes roll back, her body twitching and her tongue hanging out, she’s out, but this is only the beginning. Elizabeth is furious and she is planning to get her revenge on Stella. Elizabeth ragdolls Stella through a brutal beatdown, that includes, lots of chokes, clothing removal, belly punches, kicks, sitting bearhug, extreme back bending boston crab, body scissors, sleeper hold, spladle pin, leg scissors match book pin, a foot stuffed in her mouth, foot licking and a final huge stomp to the belly. The entire time Stella is completely out cold, twitching nonstop, drooling all over the place, her tongue constantly hanging out and her eye are rolling and crossing the whole time. It is safe to say that The Queen definitely got the fullest version of her revenge. She reminds Stella that she is The Queen and she better respect her reign. After Elizabeth has left, a still uncontrollably twitching Stella manages to struggle up to her knees before falling flat on her face and continues to twitch.

I got more Defeated reviews for you guys, and with this one I can finally once again say that I am indeed the mastermind behind this incredibly over the top one sided beatdown. This time I picked up where I left off some time ago when I ordered “Queen Elizabeth KO’d and ragdolled”, where Elizabeth was sneak attacked by Stella and ragdolled, and at the end Elizabeth half consciously asks, “What happened?” Well, at the beginning of this one she finds out as she wonders into the mat room and overheads Stella bragging about that attack and planning on doing it again. And that’s pretty much, for the most part, all I gave them to work with, I literally said, “Elizabeth does whatever moves she wants” and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I got a well-rounded selection of moves, with chokes, scissors, strikes, pins and plenty of humiliation. I really have to hand it to Defeated because you can tell they actually pay attention to my reviews/social media, the perfectly executed spladle pin was a clear sign of that, as I was complaining on Facebook about that pin one day. After seeing this video I have to say Stella is the best ragdoll at Defeated, in my opinion. The way her eyes are always open and rolling around in her head, the way she almost never stops twitching, the way her tongue is always hanging out and my goodness, the literal puddles on the mats from her ridiculous drooling is an OTT reactions fan’s dream. I often mention how I love things that are considered ridiculous, well, the way Stella sells this beatdown is absolutely ridiculous. It’s also good to see The Queen being that angry, brutal heel she is so great at being. Don’t get me wrong, Elizabeth is absolutely a top jobber too, but it’s nice to see her dominating again. It’s also a nice touch that Stella was wearing the same purple bra and panties Elizabeth wore when Stella attacked her and Elizabeth called her out on it too. Although, because they don’t quite fit Elizabeth, I do have to say, Elizabeth wore it better. I didn’t ask for that, that was all Defeated on that part. The ending was all me though, as I asked for Elizabeth to say “Remember I am the Queen and you will respect my reign!” and for Stella’s struggle to her knees only to fall flat on her face. I didn’t expect Stella to keep twitching during that struggle though, but I was great that she did, made it seem like she was still unconscious while trying to get up, only to remember she’s out cold and fall back to the mats. As I said, I couldn’t be happier with this, the parts I scripted were perfect and the parts I let them do on their own where filled with great surprises. Believe me when I say, I am already working one my next Defeated custom. Hopefully they can figure out a way to make whatever I come up with even better than this one.

Overall Score: 11/10