Review of Stella’s Belly Beatdown

Review of DefeatedStella’s Belly Beatdown – 6 mins

Zahra and Stella trade some confident words before Stella takes the first swing, a swing that is blocked and countered by Zahra. Stella get dropped to the mats with a second belly punch, giving Zahra complete control in this belly beatdown. Zahra goes on to dominate Stella for the remainder of the video using kicks to the body, belly punches, chokes, body scissors and smothers to eventually KO Stella for the easy win.

Another quick and easy video from Defeated and another great beatdown on the amazing Stella. This one is mostly about belly punches, with some chokes, smothers and scissors mixed in. Stella’s expressions and reactions are the easy highlight about this one. Her eyes are the center of her expressions as the go can go really wide and constantly rolling back or crossing while she struggles against Zahra’s domination. Also Stella has a great belly and any reason to add focus on those tight abs is something I cannot argue with. So even thought this one is over pretty quickly, we do get some really solid action and a nice KO at the end. Still holding on for that Stella ragdoll vid, I just know she’ll be the best ever.

Overall Score: 9/10