Review of Stella’s 64 minutes Total Destruction

Review of DefeatedStella’s 64 minutes Total Destruction – 64 Mins

StellaDefeated’s longest and most brutal video to date, Stella picks a fight with BBW Meda and pays the price. Meda takes control right away, Stella tries hard to fight, but Meda is just too big and too strong for her. In just a few minutes Stella is a barely conscious ragdoll for Meda to play with. Meda takes off Stella’s bra then bends, kicks, punches, chokes and even stuffs her foot in the completely helpless Stella’s mouth, torturing the beautiful Stella for over 35 minutes. But this one doesn’t end there, Meda then changes Stella clothes and leaves her KO’d on the floor. Stella wakes up later, slowly struggling to her feet, just as Stella is back up, Meda reenters. Stella begs for mercy, but she gets none as Meda begins to beat her down again. This time once Meda gets board of ragdolling Stella around, she hogties Stella by trapping her arms in her own clothes and exits again. This time when Stella comes to she has to struggle to free her limbs before starting her slow struggle back to her feet. Again just as she gets upright, Meda enters the room again, this time Stella is too weak to beg and just crumbles back to the mats. That doesn’t stop Meda as she again chokes and tosses around a barely conscious Stella. Meda goes for a second 10 count pin before finally leaving Stella unconscious on mats.

Oh my goodness. That’s the only way I can think to start this review. I’m always here talking about how much I love watching Stella getting destroyed. Then Defeated hit us with this monster, a little over an hour long Stella massacre. I mean from start to finish its all Stella being dominated. There a few times in the early minutes where Stella puts on a brave face and tries to fight back, but she’s easily knocked back down by the powerful Meda. After those opening minutes Stella clings to the very edge of consciousness as she’s helplessly ragdolled around. Stella sells this all amazingly with lots of great eyerolling and crossing and weak moaning in pain. After more than half the video passed, Meda changes Stella’s clothes and hair, apparently, then leaves. Twice Stella makes her way slowly and gingerly back to her feet only to get met by Meda for more beaten and ragdolling. Even once Meda hogties Stella in her own clothes just to watch her struggle to free herself and that time Stella just collapse when she sees Meda. This is a crazy video, stuffed with so much great selling from Stella, including an awesome drooling scene you just got to see. This the best thing I’ve seen from Defeat yet and is “classified” somewhere around Luna vs Tiny or Becca vs Sapphire level for me. Yea, it’s that good.

Overall score 10/10