Review of Stella vs The Invisible

Review of DefeatedStella vs The Invisible – 19.5 mins

Stella is in the mat room, stretching out after a relaxing workout, as she gets up to leave she is suddenly thrown to the mats. She sits up and looks around, confused, but see’s nothing or no one around. She climbs back to her feet and suddenly her hair is pulled, dragging her across the room. Again she looks around but still sees nothing. Next Stella is thrown to the ground yet again and held down against the mats, now Stella is really starting to freak out, as she gets up again, she punched in the belly and then choked until she goes out. Stella’s eyes roll and her tongue hangs out the whole time she’s out. While Stella is KO’d this invisible person plays with her limp body, lifting her limbs and letting them fall, as well as rolling her body around into several different positions. She’s punched in the belly a few times which makes Stella twitch. Stella is also choked while she still out, causing her to drool all over herself and the mats. Stella comes to after that, but it’s not long before she gets choked out again. Once again the invisible force has more fun limp playing with Stella body, putting her in several different position, some that really show just how flexible Stella is. Not only that, but also putting Stella in a few wrestling holds, causing more over the top reactions. After a little more limp play Stella is finally left out cold in the middle of the mats. 

More Defeated action for you guys and again Defeated trying something different, well at least different for them. This is the first ever Defeated invisible video and I couldn’t be happier that Stella was the first victim. There’s plenty of great ladies at Defeated, but Stella is definitely my favorite. I love how this video takes a little time to get into the good stuff, as the invisible guy plays with Stella for a little bit, just confusing her before the beatdown begins. Of course Stella does a fantastic job sell all of it, from the surprise attacks, to the confusion and of course all the over the top reactions. Stella is absolutely one the best over the top seller out there, it is just incredible how good she is with all the OTT reactions and she’s not crazy over the top, like something I’d ask for, but perfectly OTT for a video like this. I also love the red lingerie, it looks so good on her. A few moments that need pointing out of this amazing first ever invisible video from Defeated, one is the limp play, Stella is so flexible and good at the being limp, the ways she can roll herself around and still look out cold is awesome. There’s also a few really great looking submission holds, that if we didn’t know better, we would think someone was actually putting Stella in those holds and last but not least, Stella tosses herself across the mats, like she was hip tossed, that was pretty awesome to see. As I said Stella did a wonderful job selling of this, but hopefully we can see Elizabeth give it go next. If I haven’t made it clear yet, this first ever invisible opponent video is an obvious must have.  

Overall Score: 10/10