Review of Stella Vs Janelle Wrestling

Review of DefeatedStella Vs Janelle Wrestling – 41 Mins

janelle8 Rounds smother match – 8 KOs with Eye Rolling. This long match includes sleeperholds & headscissors, lots of KOs. Not just that. Stinky feet is added to the humiliation. Girls are woke up with stinky foot smelling… And the loser will be knocked out with the smell of the winner feet!

More Defeated action for you guys and this time Defeated is stepping things up a bit, giving us a multi KO match where the girls focus on giving us nice eyerolling reactions to the KOs. They both do a great job giving us white eyes for all the KOs. They definitely should have been doing KOs like this for a long time, but at least they are doing it now. They also use their stinky feet to wake each other up, which Stella does some pretty funny reactions to. This is a pretty lengthy vid, which starts out with Stella dominating Janelle for a while, but once the first KO happens the rest come at a pretty good pace and that makes the minutes fly by. Janelle really kills the full white eye and is a little better at doing it then Stella, but Stella does give us some nice full whites too. The both sell great and some pretty good moves out of both of them. As always with Janelle, there’s pretty much no point in her having a top on as I don’t think there was a moment that her top covered her breast fully. In the end, Stella gets ragdolled a bit, then folded into the matchbook pin position, although she doesn’t get pinned, just posed on. I love eyerolling, I’m really happy to see them starting to focus on eyerolling and really happy to see that Stella can do some full white eye, I know we’ll be seeing plenty of that in the future.

Overall Score: 9.5/10