Review of Stella vs Janelle: Forced to kiss stinky feet

Review of Defeated Stella vs Janelle: Forced to kiss stinky feet – 11 Mins

feetWho knows Defeated knows what this means. The fight as always is fair, as the two girls are really experienced. Who will submit at her opponent stinky feet? Always stinky feet on the face, fighting and then… the humiliation! Kissing stinky feet after losing a fight?

More Defeated action coming at you guys, and this one, for once, is not only a pretty even battle, but Stella actually wins. Not very often are you going to get both of those things in one Defeated video. This one is a foot fight, so Janelle and Stella are going back and forth just trying to smother the other out with their feet. As per usual, Janelle is falling out of her top and Stella doesn’t hesitate to use that to her advantage. We get some good selling from both ladies, as they both have a little time with some feet in their face. It’s not bad to see Stella win and Janelle lose every now and then, but you know I really love things the other way around. Hopefully things go back to normal next time.

Overall Score: 8/10