Review of Stella Lost Her Last Fight

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Review of The Lesley Fox supremacyStella Lost Her Last Fight – 16 mins

I would like a fight between Stella and a guy. Stella should be wearing the same thing as in “Stella beats the guy to a pulp,” but with fingerless gloves and her hair in a ponytail. The guy is dressed as a kickboxer, also wearing fingerless gloves. He does not need a mask. I would like the actor playing him to know how to fight, how to throw punches and kicks. The fight should take place in the same ring/cage as “Stella beats the guy to a pulp.” The clip starts with Stella shadowboxing/kicking alone in the middle of the ring. She is a badass fighter; she looks confident and knows that she is going to destroy her opponent in this fight. The guy walks in and enters the ring, and Stella immediately starts trash-talking him. She tells him things like how badly she is going to kick his ass, how she will beat him to a pulp, he will beg for mercy, etc. The guy remains serious and focused, and tells her that she talks too much. Stella laughs at this, and tells him that she is going to enjoy punching his face in. When the fight starts, the action is back and forth. Stella lands the first hit and taunts the guy, but pretty soon the guy takes over and dominates the fight to the end. He hits her with punches, kicks, elbows and knees to her face and body, and knocks her down multiple times. After the first knockdown, Stella taunts the guy, “Is that all you got?” But after a few knockdowns, Stella goes from cocky to angry to looking hurt and in pain. I also would not mind if she had a little nosebleed or some makeup at the corner of her mouth after taking some face hits. Throughout the fight, Stella never seems helpless and never tries to run away or give up. She gets up when she gets knocked down and tries to fight back as much as she can but gets dodged our countered every time she tries. As the fight goes on, the guy might start yelling at Stella to get up when she gets knocked down. At the end of the fight, Stella looks tired and beaten. The guy knocks Stella to the ground, grabs her by the hair, and picks her up to her knees before she has a chance to get up. He then knees her in the face, knocking her back down to the ground. He then gets on top of her and hits her with multiple ground-and-pound punches to the face. The guy strikes a victory pose before leaving the gym, leaving Stella lying on the ground.

Here is a video one of you guys told me about, all I know about this production is that is rare that a guy wins vs a girl, much less dominates, but I was told to check out this video because he hoped that a little attention would push them to make more videos like this. With this description being a copy paste of the custom request, we get to see just close the video comes to the request and I’d say besides for this video not being shot in a ring, which I’m sure there was a reason for, this was pretty much right on target. This is a pretty good, super one sided fist fight and I do love some good fisticuffs action. This poor girl Stella gets a few punches in early and then it’s all downhill. Stella takes a lot of punches and kicks, she gets knocked down a lot and keeps coming back for more. It never works out for her as she eventually goes down for the count, but I was a mighty good show. In the request above, the guy ask for the male to be someone who can actually fight and I think this guy fits what I think he was looking for. His attacks come quick, fast and look like legit punches. Stella sells it all well to, lots of good head snaps and good, realistic reactions, nothing crazy or OTT here. If I was to complain about anything, I would say skip the fake blood, even though this wasn’t excessive, so it’s fine and Stella had to fall carefully, since she’s on concert and you can tell she’s being careful not to hurt herself when she falls, so it would have been nice to have her on mats so she wouldn’t need to be as careful. Overall, it was a really nice fight, with good looking combat, trash talking with subtitles and of course a great finish.

Overall Score: 9/10