Review of Stella KOs Lilith for Science

Review of DefeatedStella KOs Lilith for Science – 30.5 mins

Lilith comes in to the mat room as Stella has asked her to help her with a video idea she had. Stella explains that the idea is to show off some new KOs for the fans. Lilith is cautious, warning Stella, if she agrees to this, that she has to take it easy on her. Stella says, “Don’t worry, we’ll just go over a few of moves that I really want the fans to see and all you got to do is act like a really did the moves to you, it’ll be simple trust me.” Lilith hesitantly agrees. Stella then moves Lilith into place. Stella performs a sleeper hold on Lilith. Lilith struggles hard, but soon goes out. Stella plays with Lilith while she’s out, posing her body and talking about the KO. Stella wakes her up Lilith, she’s a bit dizzy, Stella asks, “How was that?” “I don’t know, it was OK, I guess” Lilith replies. “Good, time to go on the next move.” Stella grabs her and performs it on Lilith. Again Lilith goes out after fighting it for a bit and again Stella plays with and poses Lilith’s limp body while she sleeps. This time when Stella wakes up Lilith, she’s still dizzy, but is starting to regret agreeing to this idea. When Stella asks if she’s ready for the next move, Lilith replies, “No, I don’t think I want to do this anymore.” Stella grabs Lilith anyway saying, “You can’t leave now, we’re just getting started!” From this point on, Lilith complains every time she woken up, getting weaker and weaker every time. She tries to fight back, but Stella is too strong and keeps going, telling Lilith, “It’s for the fans, you can’t disappoint them.” After another KO Stella says “it’s getting really hot in here guys, this is too much work” and removes her top. Then says “poor Lilith, she looks overheated too, might as well take her top off as well” then raises Lilith head saying “you don’t mind do you?” “Ahh poor thing, I will help you out of this top” and removes her top “There you go, that should be better!” Stella says with an evil laugh. “Don’t have any naughty thoughts here guys! This is an educational video!” and then proceeds knocking Lilith out. Stella goes on to do several more KOs and pose Lilith each time in between, Lilith is a ragdoll at this point, too weak and tried to even complain or fight back any more. Stella finishes Lilith with a head scissors causing Lilith to twitch with her tongue hanging out and drools a bit. Stella plays with her ragdoll assistant for a little while, giving her some belly punches and greatly enjoying posing her limp body some more. Finally, Stella has had enough fun, she takes her victory pose and leaves Lilith laid out on the mats.

I got even more Defeated reviews for you guys and this time we watch as Stella pulls off one of the oldest tricks in the book, asking Lilith to help her demonstrate a few moves, then of course she really puts all the moves on Lilith knocking her out repeatedly and having a great time doing it. A major highlight for this one is that Stella plays with and poses Lilith while she’s out giving us some super sexy positions and great camera angles. Of course I love that Lilith had on some converse boots for this one and with Stella talking us through her moves I was reminded just how much I like her accent. Lilith is the perfect practice dummy and does a great job selling here. We get lots of nice eye rolling and crossing as well as plenty of tongue protrusion, topped off with some drooling and twitching for the final KO. I love the idea of one of the girls using a friend as a practice dummy, then just dominating them for fun and hopefully will be seeing more jobbers wearing converse boots at Defeated.

Overall Score: 10/10