Review of Stella knows how to treat girls

Review of DefeatedStella knows how to treat girls – 20 mins

Janelle comes home to find an angry Stella sitting there waiting for her to arrive. Apparently Stella is here to gain revenge for Janelle beating up her sister. Janelle laughs at Stella, sure that she can beat up Stella just like she did her sister. Stella attacks, but Janelle easily drops Stella to the floor with a vicious belly punch. Stella reaches for her bag pulling out a jar filled this a mysterious liquid. She tosses the liquid in Janelle’s face, blinding her and leaving her open for attack. From here Stella is now fully in control, goes after Janelle with belly punches, low blows and breast mauling. In no time Janelle is totally defeated, barely hanging on to consciousness. Stella makes sure to get her revenge in full, with verbal attacks just a vicious as the physical ones as well as stripping Janelle of her clothes. After much pain, torment, and begs for mercy, Janelle is finally KO’d, where Stella promises this isn’t over, leaving Janelle beaten, KO’d and almost naked on the floor.

Got more Defeated action for you guys and it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Janelle. She comes back to us this a great squash vid, getting totally demolished by Stella, after Stella throws whatever was in the jar in Janelle’s face. This one has a little bit different of a style compared to the more traditional Defeated vids, with a different setting and the ladies in street clothes with heels. It all works out really well though and it’s nice to see them change things up a bit. When it comes to the fighting though, things don’t change much. Stella is mean as hell with both verbal and physical attacks, mainly using belly punches, low blows and nipple torture. The thing that I really loved about this one is Janelle is either barely conscious or unconscious for pretty much the entire video. That and Janelle getting stripped down to almost nothing is really great. Janelle did a fantastic job selling here and was definitely a reminder for me that she too is one of the best jobbers at Defeated. It’s a brutal near ragdoll squash and a nice new look for Defeated.

Overall Score: 9.5/10