Review of Stella gets destroyed by Eden after a discussion

Review of DefeatedStella gets destroyed by Eden after a discussion – 14.5 Mins

StellaStella and Eden are discussing about Tattoos, when Stella insults Eden’s fake boobs. Eden goes mad and begins to punch Stella in the belly. Stella’s belly is really weak, she get the wind knocked out of her, a she kneels trying to catch her breath. Eden hits her more and more, smashing her head on the floor, kicking her stomach and cruelly punch her again and again. Stella gets destroyed quickly! Eden puts Stella on her knees and smacks her ass too! Then Eden chokes Stella with a foot over her throat, Stella drools so much before passing out Eden then leaves her knocked out on the floor. – Language is Italian

More awesome Defeated action for you guys and yes, more of my favorite Defeated jobber getting totally destroyed. In this one they speak Italian, but you don’t need to speak it to get the idea here. Basically, Stella is mouthing off to Defeated’s newest acquisition, Eden, who I believe actually has some real life fight training. Needless to say, thing quickly go downhill for Stella as Eden has heard enough. With one punch Stella is knocked to the mats and just about knocked senseless. Unfortunately for Stella, this is just the start of the brutal beatdown. Eden makes quick work of Stella and soon Stella is completely senseless, but still kind of conscious. Stella’s eyes roll and cross and we get tons of great closes up of that. Stella is totally limp at the same time, as Eden takes a little time to play with the stunned Stella, tossing her limp limbs around for a little while, as well as removing her bra, for added humiliation. Stella does try to get up after a while, but is still to dizzy and also gets kicked back down as well. Then for the grand finale, after Eden’s had her fun with the defeated Stella, she chokes Stella out with her foot on her throat, causing Stella to roll her eyes even more, twitch for a little before drooling all over the mats and finally passing out. This is another stellar Stella destruction. I love her selling, love seeing her completely defeated, the stunned state, with her just about unconscious, but not, is amazing and getting some really nice drooling puts this one all the up near the top of the favs list with Stella’s ragdoll video. Also love the camera work in this one, lots of great close ups, not only of Stella’s reactions, but of all of her and even getting a good look of her out cold in the end, which actually has been rather brief in the past. That final shot is super important and I’m glad to see that we get a good one here. Keep up the great work Defeated, you guys are getting better and better by the day.

Overall Score: 9.9/10