Review of Stella Gets Delivered

Review of DefeatedStella Gets Delivered – 32 mins

This is a continuation from the video Stella Gets Auctioned. This is the story of her delivery and introduction to her new life. We fade in on Stella in the bag, it’s been a while since she’s been sold, and she’s recovered now and is struggling in bag. You can her hear crying out for help. Valerie walks in with Elizabeth in tow. Valerie says to Elizabeth, “Romero has sent us another slave for training.” “I know what to do, Mistress.” Replies Elizabeth. Valerie stands in the corner and watches as Elizabeth opens the bag, Stella pops out of the bag and immediately going after Elizabeth. Stella is quickly able to lock on a sleeper that reduces Elizabeth to a drooling ragdoll. The whole time Valerie is just watching, not once looking concerned or looking like she was going to help Elizabeth. With Elizabeth out of the way Stella immediately goes to attack Valerie, seeking answers to what’s going on. Valerie effortlessly defends herself against Stella’s attacks, still not looking at all bothered by Stella. Valerie easily throws Stella to the mats and chokes Stella out with her boots. With Stella out cold, Valerie calmly walks over to Elizabeth and with a few kicks with her boots, she’s able to wake Elizabeth. “You failed me.” Valerie says to Elizabeth. Elizabeth profusely apologizes and pleas for another try. “Fine” replies Valerie, “One more try.” Valerie than walks over to Stella and with a few light kicks with her boot is able to wake Stella too. Elizabeth tries to conquer Stella, but again is no match and gets locked in another sleeperhold that KO’s Elizabeth again. Stella drops Elizabeth face down with her butt in the air and Elizabeth is left twitching and drooling on the mats. Stella, again goes after Valerie, but Valerie is just too strong and with one hand wrapped around Stella’s throat chokes her out. Valerie poses Stella just like Elizabeth, with her butt in the air. Annoyed with Elizabeth’s incompetence Valerie leaves the room, leaving both girls twitching. Soon Stella wakes up and notices the absences of Valerie. She quickly goes to wake up Elizabeth and when she does Elizabeth tries to fight her. Stella again over powers Elizabeth, but instead of knocking her out, this time she pins Elizabeth to the ground so she can explain her idea. Stella tells Elizabeth that they should work together to beat Valerie. Elizabeth disagrees, still struggling. Stella continues to argue with Elizabeth, saying if they work together they can both be free. Elizabeth soon agrees. Stella explains that they have to catch Valerie by surprise, so they’ll need to pretend that they are still KO’d until she gets back. Elizabeth agrees and they both go back to where they were pretending to be KO’d. Valerie comes back after a few moments. When she enters she’s annoyed that Elizabeth is still out cold. She goes to kick Elizabeth awake, but Elizabeth springs to life grabbing both legs and tripping Valerie. With that Stella springs to life as well and grabs Valerie around the neck choking her out. Together the two slaves are able to dominate Valerie and KO her. With Valerie out cold both Stella and Elizabeth removes Valerie’s top, then they start taking Valerie’s boots off. They both grab one boot, but then they look at each other and together say “What are you doing?” “I’m taking these boots with me.” Says Stella. “Why do you get them?” Replies Elizabeth, “I deserve them!” “You’re too weak to deserve these boots! I’ve already beaten you twice, clearly I am more deserving of them than you!” Replies Stella. “Oh yea!” Says Elizabeth as she lunges toward Stella. With Valerie out cold, spread eagled, tongue out and twitching in the background, Stella and Elizabeth are now wrestling over the boots. This time it’s more of a fair fight. As they’re jockeying for control, Valerie has time to recover and when she wakes up, she’s pissed. Before either Stella or Elizabeth notices, Valerie is pulling them off of each other. Valerie now takes to time to teach both girls a brutal lesson in obeisance as she KOs them separately and together several times, forcing them to twitch, protrude their tongues and drool over and over until final both girls are pleading with Valerie to stop. The both of them promising to never try to beat her again and promising to follow her every command. After enough begging Valerie finally gives them a chance to prove themselves. She orders both Stella and Elizabeth to put her boots back on. First Stella puts on one and then Elizabeth puts on the other. Valerie isn’t quite done with them however. She now orders them both to kiss her boots. Again both ladies immediately do as they are told and kiss Valerie’s boots until they are told to stop. Valerie then orders them to pick a final move for which she will use to KO them one last time. Stella chooses a sleeper hold, explaining how she would love to be KO’d by Valerie’s strong arms. So Valerie uses a sleeper to KO Stella while Elizabeth watches. Then Elizabeth chooses a headscissors, explaining how she would love to be KO’d by her lovely boots. So, Valerie uses a headscissors to KO Elizabeth. Stella is spread eagle, tongue out and twitching and Valerie puts Elizabeth over Stella with her butt in the air and tongue out and twitching as well. She leaves them like that, saying, “Wait until Romero hears about this. You two are going to be punished.”

Even more Defeated action coming at ya and this ladies and gentlemen is how you do a sequel. I always love videos with storylines and this gives us a great yet simple storyline that makes way for great action and as you can expect Elizabeth and Stella put on a hell of a show for us. They both just act and sell so well and even better when they’re working with each other, there’s just no going wrong when you get a video starring both Stella and Elizabeth. So, there’s enough story in this that I strongly suggest you guys watch the first video, “Stella Gets Auctioned”, before seeing this one, so at least you can see how we got to where this video starts, otherwise you’ll be pretty lost for a while. Now, as the title tells you, this video is all about Stella getting delivered after Nix Auctioned her off. Of course Stella starts out confused, but that quickly turns to rage as she tried to get answers for her captives. Turns out that rage can only get Stella so far as the Mistress Valerie, (Wearing a very similar bikini to the famous green one, but this one is blue, so I guess that’s ok with me, bit of a troll, but ok nonetheless.) is just too strong for Stella, even though Stella dominates Elizabeth. This leads to Stella teaming with Elizabeth, then fighting Elizabeth again, and finally both of them getting their butts kicked by Valerie until they plead for mercy. This is all so well done, everything fits together and makes sense in the story. They also don’t rush through any of it, there’s plenty of time for all the fighting, KOs, over the top selling, conversations, colluding and all the other events detailed in the description. I thought that Stella getting auctioned was a fun and unique script, which it is, but this one continues that story and is even more unique and more fun than that. This in one, no, really two videos that I must say you guys have got to see. This just goes to show, you just never know what Defeated will do next.

Overall Score: 10/10