Review of Stella Gets Crushed by the Queen’s Legs

Review of Defeated Stella Gets Crushed by the Queen’s Legs – 22 mins

Our Queen challenges Stella to a match to see whose thighs are stronger. Both ladies are confident in their legs, so the match is on. They both strip down to their sexy lingerie. Right away Elizabeth takes control locking in her first of many scissor holds. Try as she may Stella is unable to mount any offense and is completely dominated and overpowered by Elizabeth. Stella suffers through ever headscissors and body scissors you can imagine, even repeating a few along the 20 minute one sided affair, until finally Stella and can no more and is forced into dream land. Our Queen takes her triumphant victory pose, now knowing, without question that her legs are the strongest.

More Defeated action coming at you guys and this one is another lovely Stella defeat, at the hands or should I say legs of The Queen Elizabeth. This is a beautifully done and excellently performed video. It’s a super simple idea, Stella gets dominated by leg scissors, but because Stella is so over dramatic and Elizabeth is such a natural trash talker, it all becomes unexpectedly fun to watch. Stella’s selling with all the eyerolling and gasping for air and lots of tongue protrusion, is just amazing. I can’t tell you guys just how much I love the way she sells. And The Queen is a natural heel, she just knows how to make her dominance felt in a video. It is clear to me that Elizabeth and Stella are the Anne-Marie and Sumiko for Defeated, they are clearly the best for both winning and losing and when they work together things get even better. There only one KO in this vid, but it’s an amazing one and Stella selling is enough fun to watch the whole thing. They really took a very simple concept for a match and make it really special, especially for fans of over the top selling like me. I’ll definitely be covering more videos starting this two, stay tuned for that.

Overall score 9.5/10