Review of Stella Gets Auctioned

Review of DefeatedStella Gets Auctioned – 26 mins

Stella is a struggling model looking through the papers for work when she finds an ad looking for female wrestlers, and lucky for her it says “no experience necessary”. Stella calls the number in the ad and is asked to come meet someone today. That someone is Nix and little does Stella know Nix isn’t looking for female wrestlers, but instead female slaves she is going to sell in her live auction. She tells her audience that she has some “fresh meat” that will be here soon. Stella shows up in the next few seconds and is greeted by Nix. Nix asks Stella about her skills and Stella is eager to impress. She offers to show a few moves on Nix to display her talents. Nix allows Stella to put her in a sleeper and a leg scissors. Of course Stella takes it easy, not wanting to hurt Nix. Nix seems impressed, but now wants to see how Stella can sell. Still eager to impress. Stella allows Nix to put a sleeper on her. Nix applies the sleeper with full force and it doesn’t take long for Stella to start panicking, but the much larger Nix is way too powerful for Stella to escape, she has no choice but to succumb. Stella twitches, drools with her tongue out and rolls her eyes as her consciousness slips away. Once Stella is out, Nix announces that her auction will start now. She keeps tabs on the bids with her cellphone while she displays Stella for her audience. Nix shows off Stella’s body, punches her in the belly, puts her in a few difference hold, and most of the time Stella is a totally ragdoll, only twitching with her tongue out and rolling her eyes. The few times Stella is awake she’s either begging for her freedom or being made to show how obedient she can be. After quite a display of Stella’s now half naked body Nix is finally satisfied with a bid and sells her off to someone named Romero. Nix accepts payment with her phone and then gets Stella ready for shipping and by that we mean, Nix gets a large luggage bag and folds the still twitching former struggling actress, now successfully sold slave into the bag and zips it shut. Stella body continues to twitch, now encased in luggage, causing the bad to roll back and forth as she waits to be shipped.

More Defeated action for you guy and this time they’ve done it again, what a crazy, cool and extremely well done idea for a video. Starting with this intro, with Stella looking through the papers and I finds an ad looking for female wrestlers. I like how well done this whole intro is, it takes a little time, but really sets the story up so well. I also love how Nix, a visiting model I believe, does a great job talking to the camera and making it really feel like she’s running an online auction. Then letting Stella show off her skills a little, making her fell like it’s a legit audition, only to put her out cold in the next minute and start the auction. Stella not only does a fantastic job with her acting before the KO, but again selling the over the top stuff so perfectly. I can’t get enough of her constant eyerolling and tongue protrusion. There’s plenty of twitching too, just not as crazy as she did in my custom, but still lots of twitching. Nix again does great showing of Stella’s body, making her follow a few orders, putting Stella in a few different holds to show off how she reacts and keeping track of the auction on her phone. It’s all really cool, really different and so much fun to watch. In the end Stella is finally sold off and is literally stuffed in a bag for shipping. A little bonus is getting the see the bag Stella is in roll back and forth as she continues to twitch inside the bag. What an awesome video this is and what a really really cool idea, Stella and Nix absolutely rocked it.

Overall Score: 10/10