Review of Staying In & Going Out with: Skye Blue

Review of Velvets FantasiesStaying In & Going Out with: Skye Blue – 23 mins

Another beautiful new model is out to join the Velvet’s Fantasies roster, and this time it’s the stunning SKYE BLUE (decked in a lovely skirt and top combo)! Having been a fan of Miss Velvets for years, Skye agrees to a sit-down audition with SK as Velvets watches via a live camera feed. Sleeperkid starts off with a healthy dose of chloroform that Skye assumes is just a prop, until the drug slowly sends her to sleep. She wakes up confused and slightly angry…until the Kid offers her a cash bonus that convinces the beautiful actress to stick around for even more knockout fun! SK proceeds to repeatedly send Miss Blue to Dreamland, stripping her down to her lovely lingerie as he carries her, poses her around the room, drags her back to her chair, and delivers a final volley of KOs that sets her up for a sleepy dust mask game. A final self KO with a sedative-laced mask ends Skye’s astounding performance, right before SK carries her out of the room to sleep it off!

Back when I reviewed Staying In & Going Out with: Misty Lovelace, I promised to review Skye’s version of that video when I finally got my hands on it. Well consider the promise (finally) fulfilled! And as I expected Skye too delivers a performance to die for, just like Misty did. You get all the lovely KOs you come to expect from this long lived series, all sold to perfection by Skye. And of course all the lovely limp play as well as SK once again seems to be enjoying his job as the instructor/administrator of these sleepy auditions. SK quickly gets the clothes off Skye showing off her love long and lean body for us to enjoy for the majority of the video. Another great addition to the series and next I’m looking forward to the new Coco vids that add to another tried and true series of Velvets Fantasies. Also promise to review those when I get them, I guarantee they’ll be amazing.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10