Review of Staying In & Going Out with: Coco

Review of Velvets FantasiesStaying In & Going Out with: Coco – 28 mins

The scene opens with yet another new audition for Velvets Fantasies, and this time it is with the beautiful Coco (delivering an outstanding VF debut performance)! As before, Sleeperkid steps in on Miss Velvets’ behalf, explaining to the sexy and super-talented Coco that she’s being watched LIVE by Miss Velvets herself! She can’t wait to get started, so they do…with the first “performance” being her reaction to a healthy dose of chloroform. Unbeknownst to the lovely actress, the chloroform in the rag is REAL, and within seconds she begins to feel its effects!  SK toys with her limp body, carrying her around a bit until she comes to.  She naturally seems hesitant to stay for the rest of the audition, but after SK tells her about a special cash incentive, the beautiful model decides a few KOs (and a spot on Velvets’ model list) is worth it! What follows is a series of KOs including over the shoulder / cradle carries, stripping down to her lingerie and pantyhose, rag dolling and more…all climaxing with a forced sleepy mask struggle, and a final (and voluntary) self-chloro KO, performed as an act of loyalty to the beautiful Miss Velvets!

The very first video from Coco’s visit to Atlanta is upon us and it’s another try out vid to join the Velvets Fantasies roster. Now, I’m not going to lie, I am a little worn out on this storyline. This “audition” idea just needs a little refreshing, because it’s a pretty big series now and I feel it no longer makes sense that none of the girls, that are supposed to be big fans of Velvets, haven’t started to catch on yet. Nonetheless the action is always great with a good mix of KO toys and always including my favorite, “the dust mask escape game” that no one ever beats. All that aside, Coco absolutely delivers a performance for the ages. I expected her to do a great job with this but I think she surpassed my expectations. Not only that but she looks even better than I could imagine and Jackie definitely doesn’t shy away for “the good angles”. I don’t know what it is about girls coming to JVF/SKW, but they always look a little different then they do in other productions and for Coco it’s a huge plus, she is jaw dropping. Coco doesn’t roll her eyes like some of our great eye rollers, like Miss Jackie herself, but Coco’s has big expression filled eyes that really help her selling. Of course we get plenty of limp play and some nice carries, as you should expect from Velvets Fantasies. This being are first look at Coco in Atlanta, it has made my hopes for all else to come even higher than they were. We are going to be in for some instant classics.

Overall Score: 9.5/10