Review of Staying In And Going Out with: Ziva Fey

Review of Velvets FantasiesStaying In And Going Out with: Ziva Fey – 35 mins

We fade in on Sleeperkid getting ready for the next long awaited episode of the Staying In And Going Out series. But it would appear that this time, Sumiko has other plans for SK and who’s going to be the host of the show. With a sneak attack, SK is quickly taken care of, and we see our familiar scene: this time with Sumiko in SK’s hosting seat! Sumiko introduces the lovely Ziva Fey, who is eager to make her VelvetsFantasies debut as she’s been a loyal fan for quite some time! Sumiko interviews Ziva…telling her that she’s been scheduled for some “pretend” KOs in order to impress Miss Velvets, but soon enough she realizes that she’s been tricked into some REAL trips to Dreamland, the first being via a healthy dose of chloroform. She comes to later and is asked if she wants to continue.  After being told of a hefty signing bonus, Ziva agrees to continue the barrage of KOs! Sumiko delights in sending Ziva to sleep via several fan-fave methods, stripping her down to sexy lingerie and even carrying her with ease for everyone to see. Just when we think that Sumiko might be taking over the show, SK finally shows up giving both girls a variety of knock outs and carries and in doing so he proves to Sumiko and to all the fans who the REAL host of Staying In And Going Out truly is!

It’s always a real treat to see girls from FWR travel across to the country to star in SKW or in this case Velvets Fantasies videos. So, it’s really exciting to see Ziva starring in this video. Also, being a longtime fan of JVF, this was an awesome, yet subtle change to the rather stale Staying In And Going Out series. We have seen SK fool girl after girl into taking some “real” KOs, only to convince them to stay for more limp play with a whisper in their ear. I’ve felt like this series needs to change because of the age of it, simply by having the girls know what’s coming as they are supposed to be fans of the site. Anyway, this was a nice change to see, as the main content is not a problem. Although in order to do this we have to see an SK KO at the beginning, which is a major turn off for me, I still think it was worth it to freshen up this series and adding Sumiko to any video is an obvious plus. Ziva does better than I expected her to, giving us some really nice reactions and being so incredibly limp while out it’s so great to watch her body fold lifelessly to the floor ending up in some sexy, unique positions. I did think that Ziva clothes were removed a little too quickly, with everything coming off in the first two KOs. I think they could have dragged that out just a little bit more, but I also having Sumiko added to the mix, I can’t complain too much. Once SK comes back and takes his hosting job back from Sumiko, having both Ziva and Sumiko go through a series of KOs is an absolute blast. Ziva’s flexibility and incredible limpness was still the most stand out feature for me. I greatly look forward to more vids from Ziva’s visit, especially anything she had done for SKW.

Overall Score: 9.5/10