Review of Star vs Sumiko Ring Match

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Review of Sumiko DreamsStar vs Sumiko Ring Match – 9 Mins

Sumiko enters the ring where Star is already waiting for her. Sumiko asks Star if she is ready to wrestle and proceeds to put a one sided beat down on unsuspecting Star. Sumiko uses the following moves: body slam, suplexes, leg drops, splashes, over the knee back breaker, stunner, belly punches to wear Star down before finishing her off with 3 brutal tombstone piledrivers and pinning her.

Another one of the videos I picked up from my resent rummage through Sumiko’s c4s updates. This one is a short but sweet prostyle squash, where Star doesn’t even come close to putting up a fight. I am huge fan of Star’s outfit in this one and Sumiko’s for that matter. The battle pretty simple with bodyslams, leg drops and splashes with several piledrivers for the final nail in the coffin. Star sells well, not the level Sumiko would have, of course, but a good job by her nonetheless. Sumiko is in full trash talking heel mode which is always good. I liked this video, a solid squash vid. I hope Sumiko gets the chance to bring Star back SKW because that would produce some serious greatness.

Overall Score: 8.5/10