Review of Stacie’s Rematch with The Queen

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsStacie’s Rematch with The Queen – 16.5 Mins

StacieWe recently found this nearly overlooked video in our archives and knew that we had to share it with you! While Stacie lost to Antoinette in their match it didn’t stop her from coming back for a rematch! But, once again, Antoinette proves too much for the spunky red head by working her over with body slams, corner destruction, fireman’s carry, head slams on the turnbuckle, clothesline, one legged kneeling scissor, crucifix hold, foot choke, body slam off the top turnbuckle, and some really sexy pins. But don’t think that Stacie is totally dominated because she manages to win one round with a clothesline reversal, leg lock/hair pulling combo, one legged scissor, a cross body pin attempt that Antoinette manages to kick out of, a running body splash in the corner, a snap mare, and a school girl pin! But in the end, Antoinette easily defeats the sexy red head and we get to enjoy her victory pose over her defeated opponent!

The last time Stacie faced The Queen, she got some shots in, but it was pretty much all one sided. Well, her rematch sings the same song, Stacie doesn’t do any better, but we don’t call Antoinette The Queen for no reason. This one has mostly Antoinette handing out the damage, with a few sexy pins, of course, mixed in as well. It’s been a while since we’ve had a “vs The Queen” match and even though this follows the same path as most of the others in this series, it nice have a new one, well, new to use at least. It’s also nice to see Stacie again, she always was a great performer and this was another good job by her. So, fans of this long running series, this is one is definitely for you and those of that just miss a little bit of Stacie in your life, this is for you too.

Overall Score: 8.5/10